S.I.N. Audio PSD power distributor

Power Split Device power distributor

Another interesting device coming from Bulgaria just started it's way towards Mono & Stereo. Here are few infos and pictures. Stay tuned for first impressions and review in due time:

Many people are willing to spend serious amounts of money on sophisticated audio racks in order to solve the problem with vibrations. How about power distributors? Isn’t part of the system as well? Yes, it is…

After more than 20 years in audio as HiFi enthusiasts, a group of friends have decided to develop our own product line of High End products. Any audiophile worldwide has an amplifier, a source and speakers. More and more people recognize cables as a very important part of their systems. We at S.I.N. Audio do believe electricity is the true basis for a high level audio system. Power cords, sockets, connectors, and power distributors... they play a very important part. After serous number of listening tests we have concluded that any type of active power treatment (filtering, regenerating) affects the sound by limiting dynamics, sound energy and natural resolution. The only way to eliminate vibration and electromagnetic noise is by using carefully selected natural materials, best possible components and proper assembly technology. Our design was tested against similar reference grade devices to ensure we are on the right track and is completely safe electrically and mechanically. We are proud to present our first product: S.I.N. Audio PSD (Power Split Device) power distributor.

PSD main features:
- Pure material based power treatment, zero filters
- Specially selected aluminum alloy that assures best sound characteristics of PSD
- Solder free design
- Optimal body design and materials reducing electromagnetic noise
- Common power starting point – carefully designed and handcrafted symmetrical internal wiring
- High quality sockets, Furutech FP – SWS D (R)
- High quality internal wiring, Furutech FP alpha 3
- High quality IEC connector, Furutech
- Designed and hand-made in Bulgaria
All PSD versions come with a lifetime warranty of electrical parts, certificate of authenticity and EC declaration. 

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