Feedbands and Mono & Stereo exclusive collaboration

We just started an exclusive collaboration with Feedbands. We'll be highlighting each month new vinyl release and I'll write up a review.

Take a look below for more information about their great venture to bring in-depended music to more people and they pick up what's voted best and print it on limited vinyl. First two titles just arrived at Mono & Stereo. Stay tuned for their review and first impressions soon. Thanks Graham!

After four cohesive decades of incredible music, the future suddenly looked uncertain. Everything had gone digital in an analog world. Fans were stealing music like it was some kind of drug. Music companies were paying the artist pennies.

Great music had all but vanished from the land.

And all the band wanted to do was put out a record...


What if a company could find incredibly talented bands and press their unreleased records? What if a company could pay their artists while letting them keep all the rights to their music?

Enter in Feedbands

We discover exceptional artists, we pay to have their latest unreleased album released on vinyl, and then we ship their album to you each month. Feedbands delivers the best new vinyl to your door.

First Pressing

Our records are always the first pressing of fresh tunes that rock. That makes each record an instant rarefied collector's item.


Curation is our game. Our team carefully chooses killer albums that deserve a place among the greats. We take curation very seriously.

Beautiful Jackets

All of our records come in beautiful, full color jackets with artwork chosen by the band.

Biodegradable Download Card

Your vinyl record comes with a biodegradable download card that you can use to download a digital version of the record. The download card is embedded with wildflower seeds: plant it, water it, and watch it grow.


Why Vinyl?

Any true music lover will tell you that vinyl offers the absolute best listening experience. The analog and uncompressed sound of a vinyl record is leaps and bounds above mp3s -a difference which simply has to be heard to fully understand. The format itself begs to be played from start to finish, encouraging the listener to experience the album in it's entirety, just the way the artist intended. Vinyl is physical. It's something you actually own, as opposed to streams and digital files that can disappear into the ether. Listening to vinyl is a ritual. It is a tradition. A vinyl record is sacred, handled carefully, and stored conscientiously. A vinyl record is forever.

What Kind of Music Can I Expect?

The album you'll get each month will rock. It might be any shade from the color spectrum of musical genres, but we guarantee that it. will. rock.

What bands influence your musical taste?

We listen to so much good music it's hard to rank, but a handful of our team's favorite bands include (in no particular order): Daft Punk, My Morning Jacket, Radiohead, Vampire Weekend, Nine Inch Nails, Jack White, The National, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Rush, The Beatles, Neutral Milk Hotel, Wilco, Modest Mouse, The White Stripes, The Black Keys, Pearl Jam, The Who, Rolling Stones

Are Your Records Colored?

Yes! We only release on colored vinyl. Each month expect a different color.

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