High mass 165Kilos turntable made of massive floor standing structure with 270mm long
 platter spindle and fully adjustable high torque DC motor.

1) The Conquest is the only turntable that features thirteen different curved plinths, enabling maximum stiffness and indeformability and allowing the best resonance feedback control. Plinths are interfaced with different thickness titanium spacers and joined each other with specially curved machined solid block aluminium and extra large feet.
2) The Conquest features the longest platter bearing/spindle ever made for a turntable, being 270 mm long. The spindle is made of the hardest carbon steel hardened with a boiling oil process than rectified and polished to guarantee a perfect working fluidity. The bearing is made of polished bronze with a total tolerance of 1/100 millimeter. Such incredible length guarantees the best smoothest possible platter rotation and force distribution along the spindle axis.
3) The Conquest is the only turntable that features a power control generator based on PWM technology – Pulse Width Modulation. The PWM power drive generates the power AC-DC-AC enabling the best coupling of the two AC semiwave for a perfect coupling literally annulling any motor resistance or vibration and allowing the highest motor torque at the same time.
4) The Conquest is the only high-end audio turntable featuring a remote control. The remote allows the control of all the main functions: on/off, speed change, speed control and power control.
5) The Conquest is the only turntable features a unique “power control system” that allows to control the torque of the motor to finely adjust the turntable musical character. Powering the motor with a lower torque is indicated to play, for instance, ancient or chamber string music where details strongly matter, while the maximum torque is indicated for rock or symphonic music enabling more dynamic. The power control system is conveniently performed by the remote control to let the listener adjust the way to play the turntable directly from his listening point.

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