Well... I couldn't wait obviously :). 2L Ola Gjeilo - PIANO IMPROVISATIONS on vinyl. Who says digital and analog cannot jointly work to a great extend!? Sound is something many should hanker about and vinyl version is open, dynamic and most important musicality is carried with great pace and with no dynamic lost that many claims. Sense of ambient that Morten gives so much attention to is clearly and instantly recognised. Piano works with natural attacks and depth that reminds of how it should sound. Its fully blooded.

If you can handle analog package that incorporates some click and pops, then you'll be taken into Ola journey with ease. I know that a lot of reproduction impact goes to Thrax Dionysos preamplifier and Heros mono blocks, but they only shows further on how good this musical recoding is. The spirit of Mr. Gjeilo interplay and positive attitude towards music is not covered by anything. It floats towards you with invisible interaction. This is how music supposed to embrace you. At full!

DSD has come far, but I'm  really getting high-res joy in the top most fun from such medium.

If you love piano music and live recordings on vinyl, treat yourself with this 2L release. Like a slow food. It's supposed to be taken .... slowly.

And below is my initial impression about album:

"I'v been stressing out for a years, that state of the art recordings will sound great even on budget well balanced system. Many people are shocked when they heard master tapes in person. I was and still am an avid nalogue fan, but with the evolving of digital high-res audio in past few years, we're coming to a substantial change. For better! 2L is one of the companies pushing this further by each year with more then noticeable award winning outcome. Finally digital is morphing into deserved revolution rather then so prolonged evolution...

Ola Gjeilo PIANO IMPROVISATIONS is a soulful exercise of improvisational skills  evoked by the Morten Lindberg passion and sense for an acoustical music and trust in artists under his production. 

2L latest release holds a certain warm, lyrical aura, that simply drags you into finer universe of Gjeilo. There is something about northern impact, that precisely addressed my so called safe positive side of melancholy. At moments you're glancing the ethereal waves of lyrical articulation that only Tord Gustavsen could radiate. And instantly you're transported into the lightness and expertise of Keith Jarret improvisational magic. I'm not comparing Ole, just trying to capture the moods he's able to express with such an articulation and sense of movement. 

Interplay of 1,2,3 pianos evolves into ethereal controlled escape of Gjeilo. Morten suggested a moving of piano on different locations. I could't enjoy the surround event, but there is still more then enough insightful sense of space even on two channel stereo. 2l release are the quests of music and acoustical spaces. Ola Gjeilo Piano improvisations are no different in this quest. For me the acoustical music with acoustical instruments is still the top reference and THE ONE to be associated with high-end and ultra high end reproduction. This is where you can constantly update you memory with right imprints, that could be called back frequently in the time of reviews and exploring of new gear. 

Morten out of the box vision and experimentation with sound places creates an intimate atmospheres where music and performers inner pace touches you in a sublime and unique  way. This is were knowledge and heart mesmerizing jointly morph into a lyrical event, that can be revisited at any time thanks to the technology of 21st century. Many felt, that art of recording is dying out in the age of mass digital technology, where everything is at hand and available at once. This release and past 2L catalogue beg to differ in a grand way. 

Do not pass this recording. It's an elaborate yet enough direct and primal to address broader audience of both music lovers and audiophiles."

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