S.I.N. Audio PSD power distributor test - review

Purity and clarity

Lately many ultra high-end products and companies are coming from Bulgaria. Not sure what is the ignition key for that, but products from Thrax Audio and S.I.N. Audio are bringing a complete revival of purist and ultra high-end approach.

As stated in my first impressions, attention to build in materials and execution is first rate. It feels like nothing was left to chance with PSD. A true premium feeling.

Double brushing method of aluminum upper plate reminded me on IWC high-end finished of their watches. Very stylish and high-end all the way. Along with best materials used S.I.N. Audio PSD come with a lifetime warranty of electrical parts, certificate of authenticity and EC declaration. At this level of product pedigree this is not only fair, but a must. I wish more companies would follow the same path.

Based on solder free design with handcrafted symmetrical internal wiring, common power starting point, with refined chassis construction, optimal body design and materials that reduce electromagnetic noise S.I.N. Audio PSD represent an attack on state of the art power distribution.


Look into the mind of S.I.N. Audio

To make a clear path I think its important to share the company Nikolay Kozev insights: 

"Many people are willing to spend serious amounts of money on sophisticated audio racks in order to solve the problem with vibrations. How about power distributors? Isn’t part of the system as well? Yes, it is…

After more than 20 years in audio as HiFi enthusiasts, a group of friends have decided to develop our own product line of High End products. Any audiophile worldwide has an amplifier, a source and speakers. More and more people recognize cables as a very important part of their systems. We at S.I.N. Audio do believe electricity is the true basis for a high level audio system. Power cords, sockets, connectors, and power distributors... they play a very important part. After serous number of listening tests we have concluded that any type of active power treatment (filtering, regenerating) affects the sound by limiting dynamics, sound energy and natural resolution. The only way to eliminate vibration and electromagnetic noise is by using carefully selected natural materials, best possible components and proper assembly technology. Our design was tested against similar reference grade devices to ensure we are on the right track and is completely safe electrically and mechanically. We are proud to present our first product:" 

S.I.N. Audio PSD (Power Split Device) power distributor.

PSD main features:

- Pure material based power treatment, zero filters
- Specially selected aluminum alloy that assures best sound characteristics of PSD
- Solder free design
- Optimal body design and materials reducing electromagnetic noise
- Common power starting point – carefully designed and handcrafted symmetrical internal wiring
- High quality sockets, Furutech FP – SWS D (R)
- High quality internal wiring, Furutech FP alpha 3
- High quality IEC connector, Furutech
- Designed and hand-made in Bulgaria

All PSD versions come with a lifetime warranty of electrical parts, certificate of authenticity and EC declaration.

Thoughts, visions and approaches being used with S.I.N. Audio PSD

For Nikolay electricity is the fundament of an audio system. Without properly build electrical system any hi-fi gear perform much lower than its true capabilities. Many people are willing to make mistake by using power treatment devices or regenerators. Nikolay have gone trough the trouble and tried most of them and his conclusion is clear: They take more than they give, period! He boldly stated, that he prefer to have 8 hours a day with good electricity instead of 24 almost good...

What are the most critical aspects one power distributor must solve?:

For S.I.N. Audio those are:

- As less as possible micro sparking of the metal contacts - Only the best material must be used.
- Common starting point for all plugged units - very strict and accurate assembly.
- Solder free design

After many S.I.N. audio concluded that any solder is killing power and signal transfer done by cables and that the best possible vibration treatment is the most important topic. Vibrations and micro resonances are one of the most understated calamities in high-end audio. People who try to take them as of second on non importance are missing many reserves of musical impact. Especially in ultra high-end league where every little nuances takes a part of importance. 

Getting even deeper into the subject matter with Nikolay: 

“Most of the people love to use aluminum, other prefer wood. If we want to create "universal" unit that is capable to perform in many listening rooms not only in the one of its creator, and test proved we have to use both."

"Allow me to share one of my visions regarding vibrations and how we can deal with them. Imagine one big acoustic bass... So this great instrument has a metal pin on which it is placed on the floor while the musician is playing. To me there are two forms of vibrations, fast and slow. Slow vibrations are the natural ones, harmonics and overtones that together make the "voice" of the instrument. The fast vibrations are the bad ones. Many hi-fi producers are constructing their products by trying to kill all the vibrations and the results are not good no matter how innovative the approach and technologies are. Examples are so many... PSD was created in order to let fast vibrations to go out and slow to remain inside the unit. We have tested many alloys and even more wooden materials before to create optimal composite material and do believe composite material is the only material, which could be used for purposes like this.”

Positioning and connecting

It was advised to me to use PSD on floor directly as additional isolations materials might costs unexpected sound issues.

Inside of power plugs of the PSD one can see electricity polarity in order to use the same phase for the whole system. High quality Furutech FP – SWS D (R) sockets offer a premium lock and handling with your desired power cables. 

Everything simple and straight forward.

The Flow

Taking out my listening notes and summing them up brought the warm, positive feelings associated with late night hours of music non-stop with PSD.

Energy of musical motion… An instant stand out. The flow, the musicality, emotions... There is no problem to go into the blacker backgrounds, defined soundstage, clear three dimensionality etc. I don't want the clutter of usual paradigms. With devices like PSD my goal is to highlight the effectiveness and impact on music. But, hack yes, all those are there and more.

Here again the ‘mystical’ box of balanced emotional connectivity is being open. Some products connect us on the higher plane with music and it’s reproduction. Some fail at this. Like exemplary with legendary Audio Note Japan Kondo products. For some people they are just execution of luxury. For some of us they are the artisan approach to the harmonic understanding and reply of the inner workings of music, musical event and performer. I would take those attributes on any given day over the high tech specs without real life performance. Not that specs do not matter. They are crucial as a building blocks, but in 99 % they fail to deliver what is promised. In hi-fi, high-end and ultra-high end-

S.I.N. Audio PSD carves a clear path up to the essence of music. The balancing act!

Not only the noticed attacks were being clearer and sense of space being broaden. There was an instant boost of performance. Stress-less, direct and balanced presentation down to the core.

So-called energy exchange happened. It’s rare but more joyful when present. Most importantly for me, it happened!

No nonsense

S.I.N. Audio PSD is a true no nonsense approach. I don’t have to hold anything back in my enthusiasm with it.

Make no mistake; this is the device in the range of Furutech Pure Power 6 and Walker Audio Velocitors S. I would even go further and boldly state that it even transcend them in it’s core approach.

We often hear arguments of let’s calculate what’s the cost of build in materials and sum it up with “fairness” of price. For such crowd S.I.N. Audio PSD might not be even a pointer of direction to look at. We quickly forget how many know how, man hours and comparing goes into fine refinements of some ultra high-end gear. This kind of products might not be for everybody, but that’s not the reason they shouldn’t exist. World without ultra high-end ideas and products would be a mediocre playground and happy home for so many naysayers. I’m always first to respect many affordable and well-designed products (take amazing I-fi products for example), but when it comes to the ultra performance and higher echelon I’m getting all restricted and reserved in my narroving. There cannot be enough reasoning to hold one sane from much craziness of snake oiling and wannabe’s. 

With each product that I feel that belong in the stratosphere above ordinary I spend quite some time discussing with people behind those high end creations. That gives me an insight look and the in depth understanding of philosophy, views and personal motivation of those delicate components.


My conclusion in the Uber section of things high end comes from sum of all parts mentioned and deeply considered. The approach, the execution, philosophy, build materials, people behind and non the last and most important how such finalized product relate to the music.

In state of the art high-end audio reproduction we’re dealing with the purity of music or signal flow. Same goes for the electricity, power supplies etc. No brakes allowed at such speed...

S.I.N. Audio PSD use a unique and non-relative design. Nothing shall come with constraints in their view. This shows clearly when used with array of different power cables under my possession. Some components needs a refined and guided listening session to be proven right, wrong, better or worse. PSD is an instant messenger of purity, fluidity and non-reserved speed of music. It feels like music with no barriers to be holding on. It flows.

With many open conversations and endless Internet forums fighting of right and wrong, there are always a repeated matters of last meter cabling or power distribution importance. There is no answer that will make everyone happy, but for true ultra high-end audio connoisseurs a debate is off the grid. They know those things do matter and by far… 

The end

In a world where musicality matters the most and music is on the pedestal of top importance S.I.N. Audio PSD (Power Split Device) power distributor have it’s clear stand out place. Its (one of) the best I had pleasure in dealing with in my test and reviews. This doesn’t only come as personal preference, but as a broad recommended choice.

Nikolay Kozev and S.I.N. Audio need no embrace of mine. They sold more then dozen of PSD’s even without marketing and paid reviews. This is a different kind of device, that quickly finds its way home to the right owners. It’s my passionate pleasure to share the impact that PSD made on my listening experience.

For those on the quest of purist, non-clouded and balanced take of dealing with power distribution do not miss the S.I.N. Audio PSD power distributor. It’s performance goes beyond great aesthetics and directly into the vein of musical dependee.

RRP - 3900 Euro

S.I.N. Audio

Text and photos:
Matej Isak

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