Thrax Audio Dionysos preamplifier and Heros heros monoblock test review is coming up

Remarkable and outstanding

At last. Another rare ultra highlight of 2013 arrived. Rumen Artarski company Thrax capture my attention during the shows and getting to know their philosophy more deeply via their website and correspondence with Rumen. There was something so different and "right" about it that dragged my attention again and again toward their products.

First encounter

As I often stated, everything start from the first encounter; namely the shipping boxes. I really love when things are done right and in the best manner. Following wooden packagin further on, everything associated with Thrax product was refined and on the level I wish most companies would present them selves and their products. In ultra high end league, this is actually a must, but mostly fail to deliver. Why exactly? Dedication...

Packing, manuals components design... All over achieved! Thrax Dionysos preamplifer aesthetics is a true piece of modern industry art. I always loved statement product in a state of the art enclosures, but Rumen really went far beyond ordinary in both inner and external design. High performance electronics executed electronically and visually in artisan way. This is Thrax language of experssion. Heros monoblocks are of the same calibre. With three dimensional looks and monument aura those are one of the best looking power amplifiers if not the best I'v seen! Period!

Only way

For me there are only two ways to ultra high-end heaven (with one or two exceptions, think Excalibur). Pure A class solid state or best executed tube circuits often in A class. Outside of this territory product might sound fine and even above good, but never great in the ultimate sense. It seems that some rules of understanding must be followed to achieve state of the art high-end reproduction. It is my joy to see and hear Thrax Audio venture going totally out of the box and above all trends to create their products in a stunning way. This is what I call true high-end dedication.

Pure and perfect way

I'm perfectionist by nature and love refined manufacturing combined with the great industry design. Both Dionysos and Heros are an example of what ultra high-end components should look and feel like. From handy remote, that reminds me of Mobiado mobile phone to fine artistic details of Dionysos front plate. If you cannot appreciate meticulous CNC work and finish of this preamplifier then you must have other issues rather then respect for finest craftsmanship. I can spot the anomaly in design within seconds. It's just how my inner clocks and aesthetic sensors work. Both gift and curse and same time as it's hard to get pleased and satisfied. Perhaps even peculiar. I love premium feel of things regardless of  product type. Thrax products are carrying the premium feeling that radiate an instant feeling of proud ownership and substantial luxury. Not in a snob like way, but with a certain aura that clearly reveals the elegancy and profound taste of man behind the company. My urge for perfection is so rarely addressed with most high end audio products that feel rather mediocre in their appearance and design. Dionysos preamplifier and Heros heros monoblocks are wonderful examples of not following the crowd. Not only with their aesthetics, but as you'll find out in next lines also with sound at first impressions.

Sweet intoxication of music

I'm an ind├ępendant and without any need to flatter anyone or follow up to advertising money to justify my writing. I can simply write with my passion. I choose what to test and write about. Mostly I'm after the stand out products that boil my blood. Those who deliver music in its purity and potency.

Along Kondo Audio Note Japan and Robert Koda so far I simply didn't stumble upon the electronics that could ewoke such an unique musical impact as those two companies can. Thrax joins them with big pace and it seems that even transcend at few points Kondo unmistakable delicacy of intoxication. For more conclusions I need to dedicate my favourite late night listening sessions and in depth listenings. But, from first few notes played through this combination I was shot directly into the vein with what Dionysos preamplifier and Heros heros monoblock could present. The sweet unstrained flow of music presented in a way of Monet and Degas witty view the world. With full vibrancy and feeling of being there.

Intimacy of sound and musciality hits you at such scale that leaves most of the gear light on market years behind. Bold statement right!?  Here is at workings something that few seems to understand or even write about. Not that I feel egocentric of special, but as I don't have to think in narrow or guided way perhaps. The energy of motion. The purity of music untouched and so potent in its power to interact with listener without borders or constraints. It's not only a matter of electronic design, but a subject of art and culture. The fact of the one's view of things general and particular.

Its such an impact and it feels so right. How is then that some  fail to understand such products. Simple. People get scared of emotional potency and exchange! Over my twenty some years I've seen and heard quite an array of what supposed to be the best of the best. Based on numbers and some reviews those might hold some wicked titles, but at primal role of music reproduction at highest level they most fail to follow up those claims of state of the art. Ultra high-end is not a matter of background listening visionary of most. It's to be experienced directly and non altered.

Stay tuned for more impressions and full review in due time, but even my first intimate encounter with Thrax audio Dionysos preamplifier and Heros heros monoblocks brought so much fresh energy and joy  that I just couldn't hold back to share my enthusiasm. I had to translate them somehow into this text.

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