Verenas Finetuning ET-1 record puck

ET-1 Record puck

Erik Tietjens from Verenas Finetuning just send in the info about his Verena 910 g new aluminium  record puck:

"ET-1 is accurate made to help to spread the weight over the entire vinyl and the result is an extreme high quality of reproduction of sound. The record-player to test with was Thorens TD 160 MK1 fully upgraded with Grado gold element, Nakaoka cable with Eichmann silver connectors, special oil, that blocking of the axis is off. The Thorens was adjusted for the Verena's ~et 1puck.Phono amplifier used; Dynavox tpr-2 full upgrade with Furutech schucko gold, belden cable and a NOS tube from the 60' Sylvania. Preamplifier Omak jewel two running passive to my mono tube amplifiers, LA Audio p-88 full NOS tubes from RCA.

Cables used; Verena's The Purple, Powerblock, handmade by Verena's. Special powerbox Siemens Sitor 32Amp silver.
And test records (cleaned with a record cleaner) being used with the puck:

* Amy Winehouse-Frank 180Gram
* Jean Michel Jarre-Equinoxe 180Gram
* Yello-Touch 180Gram
* David A Steward-Lily was here
* James Last-In concert
* Vangelis-Direct
* Radiohead- Street spirit ( Fade out ) 180Gram special edition 45 RPM
* Sarah K-Waterfalls Stockfisch record "direct metal master cut venyl series.

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