Audience AIT1 Ultra-Balanced LINE TRANSFORMER


Very high bandwidth –3dB at 95 kHz
Harmonic distortion 0.04% typical at 20 Hz
+18.5 dB max input level at 20 Hz @ 1% or less THD+N%
Phase Shift—13 degrees at 20 Hz

The Audience input transformer is optimized for ideal winding balance. This tech- nique results in superb CMRR throughout the audio band. Even at 20 kHz the CMRR is 94 dB. It is designed to be driven by either a balanced or unbalanced source, and it delivers either a balanced or unbalanced output. It is manufactured with a high nickel (80% Ni) core for best overall distortion characteristics. All of the wires to the internal shield foils are spot welded to assure long term reliability, as is so with all Audience transformers. This wire bonding technique is necessary to retain ideal balance be- tween windings. Soldering the shield leads would result in lumps in the coils as they are built up resulting in uncontrollable variations. Not only does it use hum-bucking windings, it is encased in a Mu metal can which provides 30 dB of magnetic shielding. This transformer is ideal for solving the meanest hum and buzz pickup problems. Au- dience input transformers are made with Audience proprietary Ohno (mono crystal) hookup wire for their leads and custom Ohno wire for the windings, resulting in the highest possible resolution.

Audience AIT1 prices:
1 – 10 @ $224
11 – 25 @ $192
26 - 249 @ $172 (sample price) 250+ @ $159  

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