Audiophilleo Audiophilleo2 and PurePower test review is coming up


Package from Audiophilleo just arrived today in. Audiophilleo2 with PurePower. High tech power module and USB to SPDIP converter-transport sure tickle my interest to the higher stratosphere. Stay tuned for first listening impression and full review in due time. Thanks Philip!

"For those who prefer a minimalist approach, the Audiophilleo2 USBS/PDIF transport delivers all the key performance benefits of the Audiophilleo1. The sound is the same, but in a less feature-rich, less expensive package!"

Achieve the highest possible analog-like performance with the PurePower option. At the $999 price point, the Audiophilleo2 with PurePower is simply the best sounding source for your money. Virtually no high frequency noise from your PC can make it into your DAC because there is no electrical connection between the two. You get more bang for the buck than with expensive USB cables, other external power supplies, or any other source!
Like the Audiophilleo1, the "2" also eliminates jitter artifacts and extracts the maximum sonic performance from your system. Why even get started with less capable devices? They may be priced a little lower, but there's a reason: They'll eventually end up in a drawer.
The Audiophilleo2 works with just about any system: You can control the volume from the host music server, an iPad, “downstream” DACs with attentuators, preamps, receiver or integrated amps - even a Logitech Squeezebox Touch.
Just a few minutes of listening will convince you that the Audiophilleo2 is what your system needs to sound its best.
  • Direct connection to any DAC without an expensive S/PDIF cable
  • Runs with standard USB drivers on Mac, Windows and Linux computers—even latest iPads
  • Up to 192 kHz/24 bit playback (free Windows Vista/7 driver update included)
  • Add new features in minutes with firmware updates
  • Ramped muting is gentle on the ears, 'phones, amps and speakers
  • Always-on S/PDIF output cuts the clicks between tracks
  • USB powered for easy installation
  • Multi-function LED reports on “health” and status
  • DSD64 supported via DoP
  • Compact and ergonomic: You can take it with you
  • Any color you want, as long as it’s a dark, metallic gray
  • And the same three-year limited Warranty as the Audiophilleo1
Fully differential ECL transformer-free output stage
  • Custom-machined solid aluminum case cuts electrical noise and vibration
  • Environment-friendly RoHS compliance

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