Audolici A-25

"AUDOLICI A-25 Tube audio amplifier is an excellent demonstration of consonance between audio reproduction epochs.

Uses advanced technology based on the best tradition of Tube construction practice’s from the 70’s.
It reproduces the signal of different sources, such as CD player,TAPE,TUNER and Computers, with high quality and resolution. The music displayed by AUDOLICI 25 reveals dynamics and natural tone, both at the instrument and at the vocal level."

All equipments are available with impedances of 4-6 Ω or 6-8 Ω.

Each output section is equipped with bias adjustment trimmer for individual approximation.
Each tube has special fluid and crisp sound character which especially determines a different music style.

As with any other of our equipments the sound quality will surely surprise you!

Conceptual Design

Input Selector - This stage is designed with four pair of low power miniature Relay.
All commutation processes are controlled by special electronic circuits. This type of configuration is guarantee minimal cross-talk effect between “Left” and “Right” sections in the amplifier channels. There are two amplification stages in the design topology:

- First stage – input amplifier. It is constructed with one double triode 6SL7 as common cathoderesistive loaded amplifier. This stage is combining two signals – from input and from feedback grid. This stage is directly coupled with the input source and by one pair of precision polypropylene axial capacitors with power stage.

- Second stage – phase shifter – There are two identical inverted output voltages, configured as “long tale” delivering all necessary voltage swing are to control grids of power tubes. Output power stage – “push-pull” configured power stage based on one pair of power tubes.This section employs: 6L6GC in A1 models EL-34 in A1/25 models.
Mode of operation - class A.

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