Clones audio 25p power amplifier


Clone audio goal is simple and straightforward. Affordable products that leads to enjoyment of music. My review should reveal how did Clones audio 25p managed to convey the music with this simple yet profound way of amplifying the audio signal. So lets turn the pages...

Inspired by the legendary Gaincard Funjoe message is clear. Straight, no chasers. I've got a good feeling what to expect as I had pleasure to hear many of the gainclones. Now everyone seem to be able to build Gaincard, but getting it at it's best takes quite some trial with hit and miss. Not to forget dedication and time. With such simple circuit any tiny thing matters when it comes to final performance.

For such a conceptual device, this little 'big' amp is build like a tank. I love the substantial feeling and size fit of it. With smaller device I always hate when accidental cables hiccup can clear your whole audio setup from the table and do the unhappy damage. Clones audio 25p carries enough "man" weight to prevent such a swipe.

Clones audio 25p it's far away from DIY feelings. It feels like finish and well done product. It got that special stealth look that recall my memories of Lamm gear.


Kimura-San started a revolution of simplicity refined and Funjoe is following in the footsteps of the "master" with right pace. Even from my first impression I really loved what 25p was capable of. I think I understand why Funjoe insisted on 25p over 50p version when we setting up the review schedule. The difference in sound must be clearly noticed. You'll get a bit more gain and power, but loose the musicality and 25p clearly reminds me on the purity of some SET amps. With right speakers on hand and connected to a suitable preamp/DAC combo this can be an instant musical getaway. And that some!

There are no extreme fireworks dynamics like with giant amps, but dynamic simplicity on its best behaviour with timbre spot on works real magic here. Clones audio 25p wont move you giant woofers and  large stand-floors. It will behave on it's best with small monitors or even with florstanders but more efficient ones. Again, I didn't have any problem driving bigger speakers which really surprised me.


Ont thing that keep on coming highlighted in my listening notes with 25p was purity. I guess simplicity of circuit and right execution got a lot to do with it. When we're talking about the flow of the music there is no way we can escape the transparency and purity to correlate. Those two are the building blocks of any correct designed amplifier. When going further if we're entering into the realms of high-end then we advance to real musicality. Musicality is a logical part and progression from hi-fi to high-end. In audiophile universe we're often chasing specifications and numbers and while there is a must of basic electronically measurements and "make senses", last word of any highend audio product performance is listening.

We've seen how even some of the best sounding gear doesn't always measures good. Let it be DartZeel, D'Agostiono etc. They measure well, but not perfect. So where is the key and what is the real goal? For the person strongly connected to music and its essential core I believe that sound in terms of musicality is most important. When backed up with the usual extension of needed audiophile attributes like soundstage, bass etc. we're entering into the world of safe audio replay where everything get covered. Ask those who reached out with big bucks and bought those highly priced machines. Are they into the numbers or music...

In the world where we want to measure just about anything what is left for the music?  It's about the outcome and the way things are approached.

After spending quite some time with Clones audio 25p my impressions stays the same. Perhaps only just prolonged. There is no message in the bottle, but straight presentation ignited with passionate outcome. 25p simply works, ignite passion for music and relate to musical material in great manner.


With Michael Franks I can never fail in my listening and enjoying of the music. His repertoire is so broad and different that address almost all my "mood" swings when needed. Tiger in the rain, Sleeping Gypsy and Abandoned Garden gets the most play over the years with more then occasional insert of his other albums like Art Of Tea, Dragonfly Summer etc.

Michael Franks wit lyrics and jazzy tunes takes you on the journey around the world across the albums. From savy tunes of early 70's albums and Yellow Jacket's collaboration, feel goods like Passion Fruits, upbeat intimate Blue Pacific (seen in old Japanese audio shows) to later so called matured albums like above mentioned Abandoned Garden where Michael deals with the loss of friend and guide Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Clones 25p swings along with Michel recognised Bossa Nova syncopated rhythms without loosing a beat of his passionate venture. All the emotional impact is recognised and spot on. Clones 25p pack as effortlessly and with portion that depends on ones ability to recipe.

This was further on revealed with Morten Lindberg 2L releases. Both high-res digital and vinyl performance was liquid. Just released 2L album Jan Gunnar Hoff - LIVING is exceptional and hearth melting one. Starting with the album first song Living one gets instantly mesmerised by the purity and energy transfer. I cannot recall when the last time a piano recording hits me so directly. Everything down to the soul level gets addressed within this poetic excursion by Jan. Combined with impeccable recognised Morten expertise of finding the right acoustic space and capturing it without restrains gives one of the best and emotionally packed contemporary piano releases. Again 25p kept me close to the epic centre of emotional impact. No second guessing or additional thinking required...


I've been lately put a lot of my efforts into the digital realms. I love all the latest efforts into the rise and refinement of handling the digital audio in general. From USB cables, DAC's, USB to SPDIP devices, High-res audio releases etc. Everything is going so fast past few years with vast offering from companies around the world. Country of origin means nothing these days as we've seen enormous productivity from the East. Quality means quality and as many even top brands manufacture at large in China and other eastern countries, the boarders seems to become translucent. Made in China brings little or no hesitation overall when addressed with right merits. Some techniques are even more refined in the old land then we're able to do in west. Times changed.

Funjoe's Clones audio 25p power amplifier hides nothing as a musical reproduction machine. The passion of analog and vinyl is conveyed without second guessing and digital pursue is also on the track. Even with latest high-res recordings, everything came through without limitation holding back the music.


I was surprised by the immediacy, purity and musicality of Clones audio 25p power amplifier. My expectations were in the realms of what I heard so far from gain-clones. Clones audio 25p got me on the left foot. We're all talking big words when it comes to the straight wire audio reproduction. Anyhow our macho audiophile ego would rarely allow to accommodate for such a small boxed device. Perhaps DAC, phono but power amplifier! No way!

For me Clones audio 25p power amplifier brings back the recognised magic of 300B tube in an no brainer package. From my email correspondence with readers asking questions I learned that some people and even reviewers gave 25p a remarks of being to open. How they came to such a conclusion bewilders me. This is perhaps only down to earth priced solid state amp I would recommend to music lover and audiophile who doesn't have a nerve to deal with tubes and practicality of high efficient speakers. Its for one who wants simplicity and music enjoyment at once. With Tom Evans Model One speakers, there were almost no lacking of lower register. I'm talking about real sounding bass and not the overblown and overhyped one we were forced to take as reference with some of so called audiophile reference test disks. Whole spectrum was broad and scaled naturally.

No matter where my musical daily urge took me it was fun with Clones audio 25p. This might be so far the only amplifier I did't over think and label with. In combination with April Music Eximus DP-1 it was a real winner. I know that DP-1 is priced few times above the 25p, but it's the combination of must try if one's on the route of such amplifier.

In all my listening notes there was never a written remark of listening fatigue. That rarely happens with solid state gear. You really have to go bonkers with pricing up to the upper echelon of power amplifiers to loose that certain character that solid state imprint on the sound. And while in the stratosphere of such high priced devices you still have no guarantee that you'll picked out the winner without an imprint.

Clones audio 25p brings impressive level of stress free listening at the fraction of the price. If you're still reserved about my passionate response go out and try it. 25p wont brake a your bank balance.

In my recent discussion with a friend I happily learned that I'm not a sole in my high praise of Denon DL-103 cartridge. This is one of the most hidden secrets of high-end. When match correctly (which is the most important key) it become such performer that smokes many cartridges I have heard even up to 10K and sometimes higher. People with such turntables like legendary Goldmund enjoys at highest degree with DL-103. Quite an working contradiction right?

Clones 25p shares a lot  of DL-103 attributes when used in right setup. To often we skip the most important and basic part of matching the right gear in well balanced system and needed out come of musicality. With right soulmate 25p can really bring life to music at a level that will surprise even most hard-core reserved crowd.

Clones audio 25p power amplifier brings an impressive amount of musical purity, that is as a rule associated with completely different price level and technology. Its a purity and directness of music being played through 25p that reawaken those magical musical moments being recorded at level that too many high-end high priced gear envy.

Without a doubt highly recommended and receiver of Mono & Stereo Performance and Great Value Award.


Output power: 25W+25W (8ohms)
Input impedance: 22k ( unbalanced only )
Signal to Noise Ratio: >95dB (min)
Dimensions: 170(w)x100(h)x170(d)mm
Weight: 4kg
* 5 year warranty

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