Exposure Introduce 3010s2 Reference Phonostage

Exposure Introduce 3010s2 Reference Phonostage

Exposure Electronics are delighted to announce the release of the 3010s2 phonostage. This all-new high-performance phonostage features a reference-standard dual regulated power supply with regulation optimized for the different sections of the circuit.   The input stage is based around interchangeable circuit boards, each being specifically tailored for either MM or MC cartridges to provide uncompromised performance with both types of cartridge.  The input is fully configurable to ensure that the cartridge loading and gain is optimally set so that the finest details are faithfully retrieved from vinyl records and delivered with the exhilarating and involving musical reality for which Exposure Electronics have become renowned.

Key features and benefits

·      Fully discrete RIAA gain and equalisation derived from Exposure’s flagship MCX series.

·      Advanced power supply featuring large custom made transformer and high capacity smoothing.

·      Dual regulation for each power supply rail combines IC regulators on the main board and hybrid regulators on the phono board.

·      MM or MC selected by plug-in board.

·      Adjustable for gain and loading by jumper links

·      High quality aluminium casework.

Technical specification

Frequency response
+/- 0.25dB from 30Hz to 20kHz
MM Input sensitivity, signal to noise @ 1kHz, 250mV output
2.5mV, > 78dB; 5mV, > 79dB

MM input loading
MC Input sensitivity, signal to noise @ 1kHz, 250mV output
250μV, > 68dB; 500μV, > 70dB

MC input loading
100, 110, 130, 160, 210, 310, 470 ohms

Power consumption
< 25W
Black or silver anodised
Dimensions (H x W x D)
90 x 440 x 300mm
Manufacturer’s guarantee
3 years

UK selling price (inc.  VAT)

Exposure 3010s2 Phonostage (MM or MC)                                         £900
Exposure 3010s2 plug-in MM board                                                      £220
Exposure 3010s2 plug-in MC board                                                      £220



RIAA   In this use the RIAA equalisation curve introduced by the Record Industry Association of America in 1955.  This curve became the global standard for successful recording onto vinyl disc and therefore every phonostage must accurately apply this equalisation.

IC        Integrated circuit.

MM      Moving Magnet cartridge.

MC      Moving Coil cartridge.

Consumer contact

Unit 18 Winston Business Centre
43 Chartwell Road
West Sussex
BN15 8TU
United Kingdom

Tel:                                         01273 423877

Email:                                    info@exposurehifi.com
Web:                                       exposurehifi.com

About Exposure Electronics…

Exposure Electronics has been committed to engineering real hi-fi at real-world prices since 1974. Back then, the original Exposure products were born out of founder John Farlowe's obsession for the excellent reproduction of recorded music which he nurtured while working in studios with the likes of David Bowie and Pink Floyd.
Much may have changed in 39 years but Exposure’s focus has remained on producing great hi-fi that delivers hair-raising and spine-tingling listening experiences. Exposure hi-fi is still designed in the United Kingdom, since 2000 by fellow Brighton-based hi-fi engineer Tony Brady, who has known John Farlowe since 1979.  For 39 years Exposure products have been designed developed and engineered using highly specified components by people who are obsessed with stereo sound reproduction, passionate about music and are built.  All Exposure products except the 1010 series are still made In the United Kingdom.
The understated look of the finished products reflects traditional simplicity and elegance. 
The signature Exposure sound, however, is something else. There is delicacy in the upper ranges and openness in the mid range, underpinned by deep yet agile bass that dances along. Hi-fi critics have praised Exposure for offering rightness in sound by combining the speed and precision of the best solid-state designs with a touch of the sweetness of valves. So, to put it simply, the engineering and design philosophy is to make hi-fi that gets on with the task of reproducing music while the equipment itself hides in the background. This is cool, since most people prefer to listen to their music rather than the hi-fi.  Exposure is available throughout most of the World via a network of specialist shops run by people who know a thing or two about the complex relationship between people, hi-fi and music.

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