Lampizator GM-70 Amp are on their way


This year is as busy, crazy and esoterically as it can be. In my check book those are all only a positive things. They correlate with passion, love and music. Lukasz Fikus aka legendary Mr. Lampizator just send in the DHL tracking number for his GM-70 based AMP's parcel. This means, that amps that both you and me were waiting for quite some time are coming in for a review in few days time.

Lukasz ensured me that it was worthy of waiting. Amps underway are the latest version and the best sounding. A complete turnover in the book, that he started to write with his first prototypes.

If everything O.K. and DHL speed is as usual this weekend might already be another special one. Thanks Lukasz and as always thanks Norman.

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