Lampizator GM-70 amplifier video and first impressions


Lukasz Fikus Lampizator GM-70 amplifiers have gone through the first week of listening. What to say? I'm more then impressed. GM 70 amplifier goes beyond of what we're use to with so called Japanese tube sound. It doesn't mean, that your not able to get that famous 'mellow' sound. It's possible by adjusting the bias, but in its core and when used with bias around 100 you'll get the performance that moves the borders. Lampizator team really push things hard with these amplifiers.


Lukasz aimed for transparency and musicality and he succeed. If you follow Mr. LampizatOr work you  know his progression. Slowly, but surely he adds product to his palette, that always goes beyond the price and always adding unique solutions, that makes his products special. I believe his on the path of artisan. Not many of those around the globe, but I'm happy to see his venture following the route of dedication and passion. And all that in the package, that can be obtain by many people and not selected few. These are the amps for all of those who dreamed about high-end 211, 845 etc. tube mono block amplifiers.


My first listening session started at 22.00 hours and ended early in morning at 5.00. Getting back to listening is continiung day after day with much less sleeping, then usually. And I already sleep a little :).


This is the amplifier, that (as said in video above) makes all the sense. But! This is no amplifier for the starters. It take some knowledge and mileage to respect its workings and performance. With all the tubes, bias, heating this is no machine for rookies or 'new borns." This is the machine, that rivals upper echelon and bigger brothers with boldness and calmness.


I love the outlook of GM70 Lampizator amplifiers. They might not have the cosmetics of some bling amps, but there is a no nonsense design that works and still feels elegant. They carry their understated beauty and stand on their own as sculptures of tube art.


As said before, GM70 glow like anything. You'll wont need any additional ambient lighting :). They set the mood of tube galore


Full blown review still coming in due time, but with all the emails and social media inquires I promised to write a few lines. Lampizator GM 70 amplifiers were worthy of all the waiting. The review samples are the latest version so no more changes...

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