Light Harmonic Lightspeed USB Cable arrived


This should make much sense. Light Harmonic designer Larry Ho was on the committee that set audio standards for USB 2.0 and now has designed a USB cable that really seems to excel in terms of bandwidth and low noise. Everything around this cables shout out about dedication, quality and premium feeling. 
Stay tuned for first listening impression and full review in due time. Thank Bill! 

The Story
Larry Ho, Founder & President of Light Harmonic, is a self-described tube-lover and vinylphile, which may seem odd since he's the founder of our all-digital company. You may be surprised, therefore, to find out that before he founded Light Harmonic, he worked as the Executive Vice President of a leading USB integrated circut company. He and his team of over 150 elecronic engineers contributed vital work to the USB 2.0 Audio Class Standard, and developed USB DSP software drivers for partners like Dolby, DTS, and Sennheiser.
While designing the highest speed USB DAC on the market (Da Vinci DAC), Larry found that the USB cable was one of the weakest links in many computer-based front-ends. By isolating the USB power, re-clocking the signal, and buffering it with our patent-pending 3 layer buffer, Larry minimized the cable's effect. Even so, bit-perfection of the digital signal and original precise timing was often lost by the USB cable. How to fix it? Engineer a better cable.
The Difference
We tested dozens of "high-end" USB cables and found that many can't achieve the 480Mbps bandwidth requirement of the USB 2.0 high speed standard! Even worse, signal integrity is often damaged by the noise in the power leg of the cable.
Lightspeed USB uses a unique topology, which we call Ultra-high Speed Differential Pair (or USDP). USDP gives Lightspeed 20 times the bandwidth of USB 2.0 high speed, which ensures optimal signal clocking. In fact, Lightspeed's astounding 10 Gigabits per second bandwidth is twice as fast as USB 3.0! Additionally, its 2-in-1 architecture physically separates the signal leg from the five volt power leg, preventing source-generated noise from disturbing the digital signal. The result: a bit-perfect USB cable.
Two Configurations
LightSpeed USB comes in a standard configuration, and a split configuration. Standard LightSpeed is used similarly to most USB cables: one connector on each end. Split Lightspeed has one USB-B connector and two USB-A connectors: one for signal, one for power. This configuration can be used with self-powered DACs, such as Da Vinci DAC.
What's Missing?
Audiophiles often believe "if it's bigger, it's better." Some "audiophile-grade" USB cables add layers of mesh, webbing and dielectric that improve a cable's looks, but degrade performance. Lightspeed follows a different, minimalist path, with performance the only goal. No fluff, no thick skin, no massive connectors (which never fit, anyway). Instead of glitz, we've focused on performance.
Lightspeed is an open-wheel racer, those other USB cables are freight-trains. Lightspeed USB is light, flexible, and a serious over-achiever, outperforming the competition, and exceeding all future standards. In real-world listening rooms, it's easy to install and performs beautifully. You WILL hear the difference— even if you think all USB cables are the same.
No Questions Asked Warranty
If you break it, we'll replace it. Warranty is lifetime and transferable, no matter how many times its been traded, sold or given away. No sales receipt or proof of purchase needed.
Technical Specifications
ConductorsSignal: 0.51 mm silver plated 99.9997% pure copper
Power: 0.6 mm 99.9997% pure copper
ConnectorsUSB-A: 30µ 99.9% Gold Plated A Grade Phosphor Bronze
USB-B: 30µ 99.9% Gold Plated A Grade Phosphor Bronze
Dielectric ConstructionLayer 1: 0.55 mm Gas Injected Polytetrafluoroethylene
Layer 2: 0.08 mm Biaxially-oriented Polyethylene Terephthalate
Layer 3: 0.32 mm Gas Injected Tetrafluoroethylene
Layer 4: 0.08 mm Biaxially-oriented Polyethylene Terephthalate
Layer 5: 0.35 mm (+/- 0.1) Polyvinyl Chloride
Final dimensions: Square-shaped, 3.5 mm (+/- 0.1) X 5.0 mm (+/- 0.1)
Rated Bandwidth10.083 Gbit/s

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