The VENOM PS8 is a reference grade power distributor designed for high-current applications including multi-component media systems and high-end 2-channel audio systems.

The same premium parts and hand-craftsmanship that have earned the HYDRA Series products their many awards and professional endorsements, are also used in the PS8, with the defining difference being -- an incredibly affordable price!

The VENOM PS8 was created as an alternative for those who are tired of mass market power products typically associated with lack-luster performance, cheap parts and plastic or flimsy metal enclosures. Shunyata recognizes that you have made serious investments in your home entertainment system. Your audio or video system deserves a reference quality power distributor that allows your components to perform at their maximum capability while bringing you a sense of pride in ownership.
The VENOM PS8 is the embodiment of designer Caelin Gabriel's never ending quest to engineer products that are not only peerless in performance, but also possess exceptional build quality and value. The VENOM PS8 is proudly designed and manufactured in America.
DESIGN PRINCIPLESEvery facet of the the PS8's design was developed using Shunyata Research's DTCD Analysis. This design tool has endowed the PS8 with a massive 20-Amp continuous rating and an unlimited instantaneous current capability (limited only by the capacity of the power line itself).
Media Systems and Home TheatersThe VENOM PS8, with 8 outlets, is a perfect solution for complex home entertainment or media systems. The exceptional power rating ensures unfettered performance even when multiple channel amplifiers are used. The narrow profile (less than 4 inches) of the PS8 allows it to be placed behind a cabinet without pulling the cabinet out from the wall. All of the power cords plug in from the top of the unit for easy access.
Reference Grade Power System ExpansionMany of you already own a reference grade power conditioner, like the HYDRA TRITON, but need more outlets to power accessories. You recognize that the quality of power distribution can dramatically affect audio and video performance so you will appreciate the reference quality parts used in the VENOM PS8.
Purist Audiophile SystemSome purists appreciate a simple but high quality approach to power distribution. You want a nice quality chassis with exceptional outlets and cryogenic power conductors and the expensive hydraulic electromagnetic breaker but don't want surge protection or noise filtration. The VENOM PS8 is the product you have been waiting for -- come and get it!
PS8 FEATURES- 20-Amp Rated (Full continuous and instantaneous power performance)
- Eight Outlets (Hubbell's best with Shunyata Research Alpha Cryogenic Process)
- Dual 12-gauge Cryogenic Conductors (CDA-101 OFC Copper)
- C-19 IEC Inlet (20-Amps, superior contacts)
- Carling Hydraulic Electromagnetic Breaker (lower noise and superior high current performance)
- Internal Vibration Dampening
- Massive all steel construction (will last a lifetime)
- Stunning Brushed Stainless Steel Appearance!

SCALABLE PERFORMANCEHigher levels of performance can be achieved with optional components.
1) VENOM DEFENDER: Provides surge protection and noise reduction with the same MPDA technology used in the top HYDRA TRITON. It can be plugged into the PS8 or the wall outlet.2) The PS8 to wall power cable can be upgraded to a  power cord for improved performance.3) The SSF (stainless steel feet) from the HYDRA line of conditioners can be used with the PS8 to improve vibration control and enhance overall performance.
The flexibility and ultimate utility of the Venom PS8 allows the customer to determine the level of performance desired and accessory package at the time of purchase, or it can be upgraded through careful audition later.
There has never been a suite of power products at these prices, designed with the thought, technology and exceptional value that the Venom Power System provides!
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