Triode Wire Labs announce speaker cables


Triode Wire Labs just released new speaker cable line-up with a fully updated website. The speaker cables will be making their global debut July 26-28 at the Washington, DC Capital Audiofest in the Triode Wire Labs Room 817. 

Triode Wire Labs is pleased to announce their newly designed audiophile speaker cable line-up, featuring deep cryogenic treatment, compression die forging attachment of connectors and completely passive “ground plane” noise reduction technology in all their models. Standard connectors include “top of the line” Cardas pure copper milled spades as well as Cardas CAB banana plugs available as well. Prices start at $499 USD for a 6 ft. pair.
Triode Wire Labs speaker cables have very wide bandwidth, natural tonal density and top-to-bottom balanced coherent sound with audiophile-friendly cable flexibility. All cables are meticulously hand crafted in the USA with a 30 day Audition Trial.

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