Vermouth Audio cables test review


Hendry Ramli of Vermouth Audio Black Curse, Black Pearl MKII Interconnects and Vermouth Red Velvet Speaker Cables under review came all away from Indonesia. Hendry invested his life's passion and funds into forging Vermouth Audio cables and this shows on every step. Coming from long years of high-end audio dealings I was very keen to hear Hendry creations. Starting with info:

Red Velvet

"Vermouth Red Velvet Speaker Cable is development from the phenomenal Vermouth Black Curse Speaker Cable. We are taking the performance of the predecessor Black Curse into another level with a More advanced technology, cable geometry and material. 9AWG Hybrid Multisize UPOCC Conductor with unique geometry are used and with the termination by our latest “Cold Forging” technology, the outcome performance is just simply breathtaking and outstanding.

Vermouth Red Velvet will carry signals in an extremely accurate manner and bring out the smallest detail in a most astounding holographic way possible. Soundstage, instruments & voices are presented as close as the original recordings. Every little frequencies and details are just in the right place making this cables as a serious contenders for any competitors costing far beyond its price point. Truly a stellar performer!"


- 9AWG Hybrid Multisize UPOCC Conductor with unique geometry
- Cold Forging Termination Rhodium Plated Tellurium Banana Plug
- Air Tube to make spacing between the conductors to eliminate cross talk and absorbing internal vibration
- Noise Rejection Paper Warp & Soft Stranded Cotton to protect cable from interference
- Very Flexible 19mm diameter Cable Jacket

Black Pearl MKII

The perfect blend of solid core and multi size OCC conductor wrapped in high quality teflon insulation make The Black Pearl MKII one of the most advanced and complex cables we have ever produced to date, perfecting the already sensational old Black Pearl. We decided to go to basic, by having the main material right. Both types of conductor that we used are believed to be at their highest grade of purity. This is the best material that we have ever come across so far, and we are privileged to have such opportunity in obtaining such materials. Once the fundamental aspect of a cable is made right, we then incorporated air tubes and cotton filler for electrical and mechanical purposes.

The perfected Black Pearl, the MKII core strengths materialize in its ability to produce breathtaking mid range frequencies, taking realism of sound to maximum. Recordings are projected as natural and vivid as never before with a soundstage which will thrill your ears and touch your emotion. Music is produced full bodied and soulful, high frequencies are complimented with better extension and control compared to the first generation of Black Pearl line. If I was to sum the MKII and to describe what its best offering is, “it is the ability to make you feel”

Black Curse

The Black Curse speaker cable is made from an Ultra Pure OFC multi size conductor with independent Teflon insulation for inner core conductor to ensure the most accurate signal and sound transfer possible. It Utilizes a Hi Grade Flexible PVC Insulation which contains soft stranded cotton for the best cable flexibility and RFI rejection.


From the opening of the the stylish black card box i know these cables should make some difference. Even a quick glance showed the dedication to manufacturing. Up to a close inspection one can clearly appreciate the quality of execution. These cables look much more expensive. I discussed the looks with my good friend and we both agreed how all cables should carry the integrity and aesthetics of Vermouth Audio. Very promising to start with.


Audiophiles and music lovers always ask me for the simplest and down to earth descriptions when it comes to the high-end audio cables. Things can go very subtle and subjective as cables need to perform not only in one system, but carry the performance across as many different systems as possible. To create such and impact you need to spend a lot time for actual listening. There is always are basic matters of impedance matching and system synergy, yet some cables do operate at more broad potency then others. 

Black Curse, Black Pearl MKII Interconnects and Vermouth Red Velvet Speaker Cables short description would be transparency and speed. With the rise of high-resolution digital audio music, many cables fail to bring the real advantage of medium. Hendry took a wit route of ensuring that his cables are 'up to date' and ready to serve the latest formats and resolutions.


We cannot skip the looks and the feel, but what we all most interested in is music. As mentioned in above paragraph Vermouth cables are fast and transparent. This virtue not relate only to digital, but also to analog. For some analog represent and infinite audio spectrum and as such it needs the most transparent medium to bring out the best in music from high-end audio system. 

With both digital and analog material Vermouth Audio acted as an open transducer rather then thing of reservation. This means that signal and music were not holding back in any manner. We often stumble on mediocre or coloured performance of cables where initial goal was something other then liquidity and transparency. Vermouth Audio seems to nail the right balance and did't fall into the realms of adding or distracting of sound. They're working within open nature and natural darkness of music. It's easy these days to take off the shelf materials and claim mighty performance, but when it comes to actual listening things become much more subtle and complex and can generally fail at the matter expected musical reproduction.

With certain products inner musical energy becomes dull, lifeless and uninspiring. My focus is always on products that carry the passion of music and designers behind them. Others I skip and leave unmarked or to simply it, I just don't write about. Too little time too many great products to explore.

Hendry milage in high-end shows through the efforts and product realised. With 2L digital DXD and High-res PCM there were never no doubts of what certain cable can present. It's the same with few of my favourite vinyl LP's. Harry Belafonte Sings The Blues stays among my favourites for listening tests. With bot mediums Vermouth Audio cables carried distinctive quality and recognisable qualities. Not only with transparency and speed, but also in most important domain of timbre and colour.


With all cabling option on the market Vermouth Audio took a bit different route. They challenge the competitors with down to earth pricing, looks and performance. They defy meaning of affordable high-end and bring the performance, that we could few years just dream about at this price point. Vermouth Audio cables slick looking, transparent and fast in transients. Most importantly music gets conveyed without wondering whats happening wrong within cables domain.

We hear many people complaining about state of the high end. I would stand opposite to negativity. It was never a better time to be in the high-end hobby of ours. With products like Vermouth Audio cables there is no hit and miss. They perform beyond their given price, look better then most of higher priced cables and they feel substantial.

If you're in the market for the "veins" to you heart of high-end audio system do not overlook these cabling products. You'll not only be surprised by the sound, but will surely more then enjoy the feel and appearance.

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