Wilson Audio Announces Wilson Audiophile Recording

Wilson Audio high-res audio

Widely considered by critics as the finest loudspeakers ever built, the WAMM and WATT were originally designed expressly as professional references for the evaluation of: master tapes, test pressings, associated equipment, as well as basic research into the psychoacoustics of the listening phenomenon.

Before Wilson Audio there was Wilson Audiophile recordings. Dave Wilson began a series of music recordings that quickly gained attention of the audiophile community for their realism and musical integrity. Using minimally placed, carefully chosen microphones mated with custom-built recording equipment, Wilson sought to capture the sound-stage, dynamics, and harmonic richness of chamber, organ, big band, and jazz performances.

From 1977 to 1995, 33 recordings were released in vinyl and later, CD—a catalog still prized by collectors today. Now most of those original recordings are being remastered and re-released on the Wilson Audiophile Recordings label in high resolution downloadable formats.


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