Gryphon Audio Trident ll & Kalliope

Trident ll & Kalliope story

I promised a mini report of my impression on Gryphon new Trident ll/Kalliope presentation at this year's Munich high-end show and due to ever flowing torrents of gear coming and responsibilities attached to them I almost forgot to write it up. Yet, quite few of you reminded me kindly as these combination is not to often to be heard in full Gryphon glory. So here is a wrap up.

Considering things are never perfect within the show conditions Gryphon team pull their strings to the maximum in making everything at best with new Trident ll/Kalliope presentation.  

Sits were fully taken when we shell out our invitations and crowd eagerly anticipated for things to get started. Cameras we're rolling and sharp ears of press and high-end audio connoisseurs were guided by high-end audio legend and Gryphon audio founder Flemming Rasmussen. When I heard a few notes of first song being played, namely Paolo Tofani (Krsna Prema das) I know things gonna get serious. Only one person could be behind such repertoire and that is Robert Tisnikar. As a long time Gryphon owner and an experienced high-end audio enthusiast he was a Gryphon friendly consultant on many high-end audio shows around the world over the years. Not only music choice had Robert foot print, but also a system fine tuning and setup. 

Flemming expertly guided listening and music filled the room with recognised and authoritative pace. Everything felt balanced and there was a clear feeling of that warm positive energy of music kicking in through the all receptive senses. There is that everlasting feeling of things being right in the inner guts, when music reproduction radiate across the space. What was happening at the presentation only positively revealed its core step by step. 

With the music reproduction of highest degree, there are basically two simple rules in my book. It clicks or it don't. There is whole science of creating and setting up the system for high-end and ultra high-end audio reproduction. Many companies fail to do it properly. Not only that, but they also failing in understand the importance of vivid audio show representation. High-end audio shows are not only a place where people grasp gear aesthetically, but a great ground for the encounter of first kind. This is the best opportunity in getting in touch with old and new distributors, potential customers etc. Few of those, who understand the importance of both visual and aural impact go that extra mile in creating the best possible experience for the show visitors. Gryphon surely knows their dealing in this regard. 

Gryphon Audio never fails with elegancy of show design and show off. This is clearly due to a Flemming design background. All Gryphon past and present products preserve a certain aura, that makes their appearance memorable and stand out. They have a unique distinct monument impact and embrace the environmental eyesight with almost mystical proportions. As the company name. 

It's the same with sound. Gryphon is know for taking the time to bring their products in the intervals that make their internal sense. This would translate to mature products, that can stand the pressure of time and bring the performance, that keeps Gryphon customers happy for longer time. And they are a loyal and returning crowd. This only shows that company is doing things something right repetitively. 

Both Trident ll and Kalliope turned a new page and expanded Gryphon Audio dimension few step further. Even within the show non perfect room condition there were a clear attributes of how serious Flemming and Gryphon team took the further step into 21st century high-end audio. 

Flemming understood few things before many others did in high-end industry. His vision guided the company through the years and with the wit intuition he knows how to connect the right people under one roof. 

Performance we heard at the Munich show was the language of music and emotions being interacted on the same plane. Not only a Pure A class magic, that Gryphon is so well known for the clear reasons, but the evolutional progress of Trident ll and high-resoluition capabilities of Kalliope brought up the evident future and captivated my and many other minds of audiophiles and music lovers. 

It was a lasting impact!

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