Monolith Audio anti-vibration platforms


'The anti-vibration platform was designed chiefly for turntables. However, owing to its unusual properties, it is also readily used with CD/SACD players, amplifiers, digital to analogue converters, speakers and other audio devices. It allows one to isolate the audio device from vibrations coming from the base, which brings about significant changes to the whole audio reproduction system.'

Carefully selected wood with the natural parallel wood grain ensures a deep aesthetic experience. In order to manufacture one platform, it is necessary to presort ca. 100m3(!) of sawn timber that is dried to reach the humidity of 8-10%. This requires a lot of work and high production capacities.

Owing to the block structure, it is possible to obtain material with no defects, one that is dimensionally stable in changeable conditions of use.

The platform is covered with a high quality, lacquer, which is available in many colours. A semi-transparent white version can be seen in the photos. Dimensions in cm: W 50 x D 40 x H 11.50. Upon order, anti-vibration platforms can be manufactured in any dimensions and for any devices.

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