Music On VInyl Bonnie Raitt Give It Up 180g vinyl


Bonnie Raitt needs no introduction. Her career brought so many songs and moments, that she already carved her spot in the history of music with big letters.

Give it up is for many, myself included her best album. There is practically no song filler on the album and this is directly intake of cross blues, country and rock that emerged as one of the era woman vocal finest outputs.

With the Bonnie bluesy impact she can keep the rhythm going on without the fail seamlessly. With no unneeded riffs or clich├ęs album swings so fluidly that time seems as least important thing on the earth.

Feel good bluesy rock-ability will take you instantly out of blue and kick your life's positive simplicity in.

Music on vinyl 180g vinyl release clearly convey the Bonnie magic through the medium we cherish so much. Clear cut and heavy vinyl brings the additional dynamics and drive the rhythm attacks even more evidently. There is no such thing as lack of emotion when things are done right and MOV Give It Up clearly smacks around with mojo.

1LP Cat No: MOVLP826 Barcode: 8718469533206 Side One
1.Give It Up Or Let Me Go
2.Nothing Seems To Matter
3.I Know
4.If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody
5.Love Me Like A Man

Side Two

1. Too Long At The Fair
2.Under The Falling Sky
3. You Got To Know How
4. You Told Me Baby
5.Love Has No Pride

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