Music On Vinyl CLASH COMBAT ROCK 180 g vinyl


Does it get any better in true sense of a punk rock? With England's prime rawness on it's best hardly. I grew up with Combat Rock and as with couple more "private" stack favourite vinyl's I practically worn them out. Clash represented an original wave of British punk

Raw, bite UK sound and empowered lyrics, launched with the wit production, lyrics and music. I cannot even put to the paper what emotional flashbacks songs from this album brings back to life. 

Compared to the my copies Music On Vinyl remastered brings out the vocal in his all brite glory. Guitars swing rythmicaly and lyrically and joint battalion of accompanied instruments feels like the flag waving movement Clash was in. Fresh, wit and straight to the core. 

Unmistakable feeling or reverb and atmosphere is even more evident on updated MOV release. It much more clearer to hear all the wizardry of production that blends so many different impression and political look ups. For the time Combat Rock was released in this was rather revolutionional then evolutional intake.  

Interplay of reggae, funk, dub and rock makes this album such a pleasure to digest. For a quick listener this could only be an wicked Brit punk outtake, but for me (and so many) Clash represents the milestone and one they're one my favourite UK all time bands. 

Everything is so fresh with this new Music On Vinyl release, that it feels like somebody just opened the window and remove the curtains. It welcomes you to join the story being told. 

If you want to dive into the era, that actually carried a meaning and weight this is an downtown bus ride into the humorous yet meaningful message of the band that mattered and still do. 

“COMBAT ROCK” (1982)
Cat No: MOVLP862 Barcode: 8718469533534

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