Music On VInyl Elvis Costello Brutal Youth 180g vinyl


You cannot argue with Elvis Costello song writings. His output flow is in nowhere to be tamed and the music empowered with lyrics that hardly leaves you untouched.

There is no need of pin pointing the Elvis expression to a certain genre as he expertly moves within recognised musical patterns, that always seems to ignite passion and emotional awakening throughout often sorrow or even cynical world view.

With the earthly sorrow shinning through the track like This Is Hell, Costello brings back the earlier vibe of his career. Performance and production of the album won't let you rest until you're stop with changing all sides of the vinyl. This album is for a good reason included into one of the must hear albums before living this planet. 

Brutal Youth is for the first time brought to vinyl by Music On Vinyl. Sound reminds me on the atmosphere of some Dylan albums. This 180g vinyl with gatefold sleeves, brings the intimate recordings to life with great feel of studio work. Dead quiet pressing for sure enliven the impact of musicianship and creational energy that floats across the whole album. Great mastering and clear sounding vinyl revive album tracks with authority and grate pace. 

Another first on vinyl push Music On Vinyl on the fronts of labels for music connoisseurs and audiophiles. Thanks Erik!

2LP Cat No: MOVLP817 Barcode: 8718469533138 

1.Pony St. 
2.Kinder Murder
3.13 Steps Lead Down 
4.This Is Hell

1.Clown Strike
2.You Tripped At Every Step
3.Still Too Soon To Know
4.20% Amnesia

1.Sulky Girl
2.London’s Brilliant Parade
3.My Science Fiction Twin

1.Rocking Horse Road 
2.Just About Glad 
3.All The Rage 
4.Favourite Hour

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