Music On Vinyl Stone Temple Pilots "Core" audiophile 180 g vinyl review


Music On Vinyl Stone Temple Pilots "Core" 180 g Audiophile Vinyl. Another release of avid vinyl dedicated label Music On Vinyl. Everything as usually with them; great packaging, quality vinyl and far out B sides of LP's with album graphics. Really an collectors item and reminder of how great 90's was and even more important how great music sounds like.

No need to introduce this legendary band's debut album. Stone Temple Pilots released it originally in 1992 via Atlantic Records. It was a great purse in reviving that special 70's feeling of the wholeness of album. A real creational effort and different out take then most bands are doing it presently.

And music... It get's to your core and reawaken the deepest emotions of human nature. Yes, the darker quest of getting out and surviving. The primal urge of being free and see the world as such a place. The state of the mind actually.

Core's impact is of such, that it shakes your guts from within. With so many different views it's to hard to pin down album to a specific genre. For some it fall into contemporary rock & roll labelling, for others into grunge effected crowd. I try to see it as a messenger of certain era. As such it's a loud spoken musical message.

I'm more then happy with Music On Vinyl venture keep brining great releases. Core is another unique jewel in their catalogue. I really look forward to future releases and respect all the efforts of brining music back to vinyl. I cannot stress enough, that this goes beyond business. More into the cultural sphere.

Thanks Erik!

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