Pivetta "Opera Only" extraordinary creation


Andrea Pivetta of Only Creative just send in the info about Pivetta "Opera Only"

"Pivetta"Opera Only" is the most astonishing mix between creativeness and technology applied to high end audio devices: style, shape, design and performance.The huge dimensions of the Pivetta "Opera Only" are not just due to the technical reasons of being able to achieve 160,000 watts, but also come from the desire to create something that is very special and unique from a visual point of view. The Pivetta "Opera Only" reflects an expression of design creativity, supplemented by high-quality audio technology in its interior.

The external structure is made of aircraft-grade aluminium, the openings or connections are not visible from the outside, and if he or it is switched on, we feel the “Phoenix from the ashes” equivalent – the spectacular act of awakening, which you just have to experience personally.When turned off, it is an impressive 12 sides black prism as, but its structure completely changes once the power is switched on. It divides itself into six separate sections to reveal all the electronics at a glance. You suddenly have the impression that you are looking at space technology."

Completely MADE in ITALY.

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