Walker Audio Black Diamond Cartridge Crystal

Meet the Black Diamond Cartridge Crystal

Introducing the Black Diamond Crystal for Cartridges. This is probably the most significant and cost-effective improvement you can make to your analog playback system.

We've installed the Black Diamond cartridge crystal on a range of cartridges, from the ClearAudio Statement to an inexpensive moving magnet cartridge with extraordinary results. The Black Diamond crystal made the inexpensive cartridge sound like a $5000 one and totally stunned the Statement cartridge owner.

The Black Diamond crystal reduces the EMI/RFI and static electrical noise at your cartridge and record while it is playing. This upgrade is super simple to install. We recommend installing the crystal on your head shell, where possible. Otherwise, it can be installed on your cartridge.The results will be a lower noise floor with a cleaner, clearer, more transparent soundstage, better harmonics and stronger bass. Comes with easy-to-follow instructions and everything you need to begin enjoying your turntable and music even more.

Black Diamond crystal technology, developed for our highly-acclaimed Proscenium Black Diamond V turntable, is now available for your turntable and cartridge assembly.


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