Audio Tekne TFM 2000

Timeless ease

In a really well balanced system I've had a chance to listen to Audio Tekne TFM-2000 6AS7G A1PP Stereo Pre-main amplifier and experience few turns. Audio Tekne might not be that well known to the general audiophile public, but for many connoisseurs, they represent the end of the road. Audio Tekne offers a complete product line from source up to the speakers.

TFM-2000 is a company "entry" level integrated amplifier. The understated looks radiate with timeless aura and reminds on the classical era of Altec and WE amplifiers. 

To get things more specific here is the replay system, that TFM-2000 was used with:

ARC Phono 2se
Kuzma 4point toneamr
Nordost power distributor
Nordost speakers and power cables
Clearaudio Master Innovation turntable
Clearaudio Goldfinger cartridge
Kubala Sosna interconnects
Avantgarde Acoustic Duo Omega

Avantgarde speakers are know for their impact and presence. Being horn based speakers, the presentation can quickly become to straight forward with wrong amplifier or components in the audio chain. To often audiophiles make the biggest mistake in pairing it with non ideal amplifier. Result is forward in your face presentation, that might be impressive on the first strike, but get annoying after few songs. 

Amplifier choice becomes a most important and integral part of Avantgarde speakers for the right balance. Audio Tekne TFM 2000 set the pace for Avantgarde Acoustic Duo Omega speakers. It tamed the Duo Omega forceful nature and presented music with ease and within such a natural atmosphere  that is was hard to be left untouched. Usually hard pressed frontal presentation was elegantly moved behind the speakers, making them sound more like dynamic speakers. 

The performance of whole system was in the upper echelon league with this combo. Controlled presentation and feeling of the music being as it is. Harmonic, a bit on the dark side and with life like speed and timing. 

In the world of ultra high-end audio, there are not really much to discuss. Music provided through the system either moves you or let you untouched. When things right interaction happens and the burst of emotional exchange is on spot. Audio Tekne TFM 2000 allowed an impressive view into this sensual musical universe.                                  

Audio Tekne TFM 2000 is a step into company family of integrated amplifiers. With such impressive workings I'm really wondering what the company bigger amps can bring. It is clear that 

TFM 2000 Technical Characteristics

Vacuum Tube Stereo Pre-main amplifier

Power Output : 6W ‚˜ 2
Harmonic Distortion : Less Than 5.0% / 6W
Frequency Response : 20Hz...20KHz +/- 3dB
Residual Noise : Less Than 1mV 8ohm
ATT : Winding Ratio Type ATT
Power Consumption : 180VA
Power : AC100V, 50/60Hz
Dimension : W44.5 x H22.5 x D25.0cm
Weight : 24.5Kg

Thanks to the host for the time & hospitality and Hari of Highendstore providing the amplifier as official agent for eastern Europe.

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