dCS free update

dCS revival

Scarlatti DAC: new firmware Ver.1.30
Single digital input (AES / EBU, RCA, BNC): Single-wire at DSD (DoP) input support dual digital inputs (AES / EBU × 2): 352.8kHz · 384kHz · DSD (DoP · dCS method) input support

Scarlatti Transport: new firmware Ver.1.11
- (Can output DSD data to Vivaldi DAC in AES / EBU × 2) Vivaldi mode addition

Scarlatti Upsampler: new firmware Ver.1.20

Puccini: new firmware Ver.1.40
- Add DoP software to decode the DAC.
Digital Input: 192kHz/24bit-enable

Debussy DAC: new firmware Ver.2.10
· USB Input: DSD (DoP) input support


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