ENIGMAcoustics Mythology

Daring Mythology

"The most refined compact loudspeaker for high-resolution audio sources?

In the past decade, the world of high-end audio has evolved dramatically, with the prevailing factors being the rapid pace of change in the current economic ecosystem as well as the unparallelled development in today's mobile-accessible, socially enabled Internet. These are undoubtedly the forces behind the unbelievable level of continuous advancement in high-end audio technology we're currently witnessing. For example, whether in a personal sense or on the broader level of public arena, cloud-based music services are now the new norm; and to think that not that long ago downloadable music was widely regarded as the best thing that ever happened to the music listening experience. We've come a long way indeed. "

A central concern emerging from all of this upheaval, more evident and apparent then before, is: Are high performance audio gears, which are pricier than ever in today's environment, capable of meeting – or even dare exceeding – the information-abundant expectation of a new generation of cost-conscious audiophiles? Enters ENIGMAcoustics.

Since the introduction of the 2012 CES Innovation Award winning Finale series, ENIGMAcosutics has been widely recognized as an innovative force with unmatched talent in loudspeaker design. Now, ENIGMAcoustics is proud to present its latest creation in high-resolution music playback, and by far the most refined compact loudspeaker ever conceived: the Mythology series.

Both acoustically and aesthetically, Mythology is truly one of a kind compact loudspeaker. The woofer is custom designed by ENIGMAcoustics for the pure purpose of delivering the lowest distortion while delivering the most dynamic performance possible. The audio effects of Mythology is greatly enhanced by employing a tweeter with exceptional dome size covering mid-range and smooth rollover filter for minimum phase distortion and time domain accuracy. Utilizing carefully selected components and cabinet made of heterogeneous materials, Mythology is a high-performance loudspeaker committed to an absolute maximum level of self-regulating color reduction. Simply stated, Mythology is poised to be recognized as one of the most visually stunning speakers ever designed with an unsurpassed sound ever created in its class.

At the same time, Mythology is designed to work seamlessly alongside the state of the art Sopraninoelectrostatic super tweeters by ENIGAcoustics. A separate enclosure housing the super tweeter driver is put in place in order to minimize coloration and distortion induced by vibration of the main loudspeaker. When paired withSopranino,the effects of Mythology is immensely amplified to meet the high-quality audio standards set by today's high-resolution media sources.

Catering to the new generation of audiophiles, the Mythology series is also available in both active and wireless versions. Together, the Mythology and Sopranino series, for the enjoyment of modern high-resolution recordings at the highest level, will forever redefine the music listening experience.

Sensitivity 85dB(2.83V/1m)
Recommended amplifier power 50–200W/channel
Peak power handling 80/150W
Nominal impedance 6Ω
Minimum impedance 4Ω/47Hz
Frequency response 50–20,000Hz
Frequency response 50–50,000Hz(w/Sopranino)
Bass type Bass reflex
Woofer 180mm PP cone
Tweeter 34mm soft textile dome
Crossover frequency 1,100 Hz


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