Neutral Cable I2S connection digital cable


State of the art I2S connection digital cable.

The I2S cable guarantees the best digital connection between transport and dac using I2S protocol.

The RJ 45 connectors utilized are the best RJ 45 connectors available on the market and they guarantee full coverage conductors shielding, stable and firm contact, structural stability and absence of vibrations and resonances.

The I2S digital cable is made of conductors of a special alloy (that we keep secret to protect our know how) with Teflon insulation, an insulation with very low dielectric constant insulation . The result is the travel of digital data with an high propagation delay and very low jitter.

The presence of a double shield avoid the possibility that the digital signal transmission could be disturbed or altered by RFI and EMI.

Furthermore on the conductors is added a a carbon fiber layer that absorb electric charges and static waves that are cause of jitter and disturbs on the digital transmission.

The I2S cable could be used for example between transport and dac like Accuphase (HS-Link™ equipped), MSB (MSB ProI2S equipped), North Star (UsbDac 32, Fluxio, Extremo, 192), Aqua Acoustic Quality La Voce and La Scala, etc.

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