Röcklinger HPA1 OTL headphone amplifier


Interesting OTL headphone amplifier from Röcklinger. It uses 2*ECC82, 1*ECC99 and 4*6C19.


Pure Tube® OTL – without ta
Dual mono
high quality potentiometer
6,3mm stereo jack
Impendance: 30, 60, 300 och 600 ohm
Tubes: 2 * ECC82, 1 * ECC99, 4 * 6C19
Uteffekt 0,8W 30 ohm, 1,2W 60 ohm, 1,9W 300 ohm, 1,7W 600 ohm vid 1kHz 1%THD
Frequency range 10 – 650 000 Hz -3dB
Dampfactor >10
Distortion 0,14% 300ohm @ 1,0Vrms in @ 1000Hz
Maximal input signal 2,2Vrms
30, 60 ohm AB1, 300, 600 ohm A
115/230V (50/60Hz), 90VAC
Oversized 120VA toroid transformator
Dimensions 230x230x80
weight 4,8 kg

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