A visit to BASSOCONTINUO Italy

Made in Italy!

On the recent "high-end audio" trip to Italy my first stop was at BASSOCONTINUO dispatch office in Bergamo. Company already have a strong presence all over the world and we can often see the paring of their audio racks with the Fine Sounds products like Sonus Faber and McIntosh across the high-end audio shows.

Lorenzo Belloli is passionate about his work and painstakingly dedicated in producing audio racks to  the highest degree of quality. BASSOCONTINUO line share a passionate take on industry design marked by recognised Italian touch.

We discussed many things over at lunch. It was my pleasure to see the sincere approach in striving to make the top quality audio racks made strictly in Italy. This costs money and tons of nerves. Specially if you want to export worldwide. Each BASSOCONTINUO audio rack have it's own serial number and a dedicated certificate. This adds to the feeling of proud ownership for sure.

In past few years the demand for true Made in Italy audio products risen in a grand way. Lorenzo recognised the need and he started the business around four yeas ago. It's a hard work to keep everything in a tight loop and have a control over each segment for the quality of end product. Just a brief look at the dedicated packaging shows that no corners were cut with quality and cost of packaging materials. This not only ensure the BASSOCONTINUO boxes reaching far east destinations safely, but shows the care of keeping the brand dedication on every step.

We concluded our meeting with few plans for future and upcoming reviews. When living I was thinking to myself. This why I love Italy so much! There is a good chance that you'll have a perfect Italian experience in one take and under one day schedule; great culture, good hearted people being passionate and honest with their business and exquisite an friendly talk over a finest cosine. My stars aligned in best way on this Monday. It was a MONDAY to remember.

Take a look at a photo essay below. I'll write more when BASSOCONTINUO audio rack arrives for a test later this year.


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