Audio Tekne event preview

 The ultimate sense of music?

On recent monday we hit the road with Highendstore Hari Ċ trukelj, an official Audio Tekne agent for east Europe, to Audio Tekne European distributor Suonarte in Italy. It's quite a ride from my place and I crossed 1200 km mark in one day. There is nothing like traveling through the Italy and especially the parts that are close to Milano. Nature, warm energy and most important people made this one of the most beautiful places for me. The trip was long, but as you're going to read worth every kilometre...

Suonarte Italy is a proud owner of one of the kind Audio Tekne system in the world. I don't even want to go into the complete system value, but just for example only a cross over cost over 30k.

I'll elaborate more in depth soon, but let me share what I have experienced that day in few paragraphs. This was the most natural, stressless, fatigue free presentation I've ever heard in my high-end audio carrier. I've being doing this for over 20 some years and came across quite many high-end audio systems. The impact this particular Audio Tekne experience left on me was far out.

Let me clear this out before getting deeper in. This is no system for a beginner nor a system for rock a music. I'm talking about a whole system approach that reflects the taste of Suonarte owner. He adores the classical and jazz music and holds a large collection of CD's, vinyl and master tapes. I've experienced the separate units of Audio Tekne, that can drive and enrich all genres of music, but this particular system is a unique vision of a man and his passion.

We did listen to a few CD's, but I asked for my preferred medium; vinyl and clearly a few of master tapes. I've vividly remember the feelings and atmosphere sense of the space from my years singing in a vocal choir and orchestra. Once you've experienced the natural delays and reverberations of music of cathedrals and churches and the energy evoked in performing at such places  you've got an lifelong imprint enriched with a special intimate value. It unforgettable.

Now recalling this feelings with the reproduction of music is a hard task. Combined with natural timbre, sense of true attacks and lifelike emotional impact is on the verge of possible.

What I heard that day is both mesmerising and alarming. The ultimate task of brining the sense of life and stressless is one of the hardest task to achieve. We'll be always working with illusion of some sort with this task, but this is by far the most realistic and audio "alchemy" I've ever experienced.

Driving back from Italy we discussed many things with Hari. Along many things we agree on was the lasting feeling of the listening session. Or the lack of negative impact. Usually going out of most high-end audio demos leaves you in certain mood or state of mind. There was no over emphasis, adrenaline boost or easy excitement. Just a lasting positive mood of enjoying the music and a remarkable feeling that I can only relate to live music concerts. I can now more clearly understand more Hari's  passion on Audio Tekne products. They belong to a league of their own.

Stay tuned for elaboration on this even soon. We also set planes for Mono & Stereo review of dedicated "domestic" system of Audio Tekne in near future.

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