AudioNautes Recordings Flute de Pan et Orgue vinyl

The pan-flute story

Fabio Camorani of AudioNautes/Audio Nemesis is a true man of passion and dedication. I've just receive two of his vinyl releases for a review that really stand out among the crowd by far. Let me take a look into Flute de Pan et Orgue story first.

Flute de Pan et Orgue
180gr - HQ
Half-Speed Mastered by Stan Ricker (SRM)
Pressed at Pallas (Germany)
Due to high dynamic, this disc may cause some tracking troubles if the system is not perfectly aligned 

Panflute was both special and easy for  Fabio thanks to a true gentleman like Marcel Cellier. He had this original discs both on CD and LP from 80's.

Those two were fantastic discs, so what about a true audiophile version? This was a great chance to start his reissues. He wanted to obtain wanted only original master tapes and exclusively work with Stan Ricker only (and his unique lathe). He strongly believes that Stan is the BEST.

Next step was reaching the best pressing plant (Pallas) with top quality covers (glossy gatefolds).
Thanks to this guy: Fabio obtained the FAX number of Cellier. They exchanged couple of calls, followed by some faxes and he went to his home to pick up the tapes. See the pictures below.

Fabio really enjoyed to meet him and his sweet wife (an engineer of this recording).

Story goes on...

After receiving the master tapes Stan contacted Fabio at once and he was very very impressed by the quality of the recording. It's quite complicated to record it right jointly the mid-high frequency instruments with a depth and power as found on this recording. It was very hard to cut on lacquers!
Stan spent a quite some time studying the tapes. This was his best cut ever after the direct to disc vinyls made with Virgil Fox for Crystal Clear Records!

Most of the discs recorded by Cellier and Zamfir were known by experts only. Their music was used in the movie "Picnic at Hanging rock" and from there on they've got highly recognised. This was followed by a series of concerts, recorded by Cellier's wife with two Nuemann mics and a Nagra recorder in the best direct and pure way.

During the sound check she used headphones for finding the right place for the two mics. Then they fixed the setup and that's was it! So simple, direct and pure...

You can hear Zamfir moving, walking, using feet, anything. And the dynamic are so huge that are out of this world.

The music, the atmospehere and the quality of recording is something to be heard. Do not run to get your copy, but get a jet plane while the supply last ...

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