AXJET horn speakers

Contemporary horn

AX HORN LOUDSPEAKERS are world leaders in horn design and having experimented with tractrix and other designs, we are confident that the compound hyperbolic-exponential horns we use for the AXJET represent the closest approach to realistic sound reproduction available. AX WAVEEFRONT ENGINEERING techniques are used throughout the AXJET to maintain as near as possible a pure hemispheric wavefront, very efficiently and smoothly transforming high pressure low speed energy at the driver to an even low pressure fast sound distribution at the listener. Phase aligned compound horn design allows a remarkable lack of inter-modulation distortion and the single AER full-range driver covers the entire audio spectrum with no cross-over, giving stunning transient response.

AXJETS incorporate variable density techniques, maintaining mass in pressure areas and stiffness throughout with GRP, GRC and PU foams. All the fixings and bushes in the AXJET are made from stainless steel or brass and we use Bright Chrome, rubber wheeled Shepherd Ball-castors, which have specially machined stainless stems. There is no need to spike these speakers to the floor, they have sufficient mass and reflectivity to stand on three castors on most surfaces and work without distortion whilst being easily moved for access or cleaning. Nothing looks like the AXJET and nothing matches their performance.


Our philosophy at AX HORN LOUDSPEAKERS is to maximise efficiency and minimise distortion through acoustic techniques. Using appropriate materials and creating pure shapes, we are able to produce virtually distortion free horns, which act as sound transformers for a single full-range drive unit. We have tried many different makes and models and most work well, but Filip Keller’s AER MD-B series are the best we have found and are supplied as a standard. This offers us over 95db/W with an almost flat response throughout the audio frequency range.

In the AXJET, the efficiency is increased and the frequency range is smoothly maintained with acoustic changeover from top horn to bass horn without the intervention of any electrical crossover. Although smaller than our largest horns, the AXJET extends to a substantial bass and very flat response with the use of the AX WAVESHAPER in the signal path and rolls off smoothly below 50hz.

The development of our AX AFTERBURNER for the AXJET has completed the design, giving pressure equalization to both sides of the driver and consequently allowing higher SPLs without the driver moving out of its x-max and into distortion. The clear polycarbonate AFTERBURNER centre ring not only allows the driver to be seen, but acts as a central high frequency horn for the tweeter cone, whilst the exterior works with the spun aluminium section to form an annular exponential mid horn to load the front of the main speaker cone. The rear of the cone is then loaded by the bass horn, which is a folded circular section exponential horn. The horns are half a wavelength out of phase at the crossover frequency so that they work in unison.

We use the best connectors, recently moving on to copper to maintain the copper line throughout, with 2 x Atlas Hyper 2mm to each driver from the connectors, housed in flexible conduit to maintain pressure to the rear chamber. The connectors are VITAVOX 4mm banana plug binding posts mounted on stainless plates and are wired in parallel with stainless body Neutrik Speakon connectors. All the fixings are stainless steel. We supply the AXJETS with an
AX WAVESHAPER and 5m Atlas Hyper 3mm cables terminated with Atlas crimped copper Z plugs, plus 10m Klotz 4mm pro cable terminated with Neutrik Speakons for outdoor use. A Speakon to 4mm adaptor is included.

Safely protected by their water-resistant fleece lined jackets, the AXJETS can be lifted by two people, using the cleverly concealed grip ridges on the underside and around the back-plate. They weigh 60Kg each and are easily moved on their castors. We have slimmed them down to go through standard 760mm British doorways, so they now measure 710mm deep. The shipping container for the AXJET is a flight-case, on castors, which weighs nearly 60Kg too and is load strapped for extra security. Foam packaging can be placed in the horn mouth to ship other components such as amplifiers, pre-amp or DAC etc. Because of their huge efficiency the AXJETS will work comfortably with a low output valve amplifier but are just as comfortable with good transistor amplifier or even with a high output pro PA amp. However our personal recommendation is to couple them with the superb Audio Design Linear A, hybrid single ended triode class A design, by Tom Evans.

The AXJETS are not very room dependant and should be “toed in” to point at the listening position. Although they are primarily intended as high-end music monitor speakers, they work wonderfully for super real cinema sound. The AXJETS will also give an absorbing realistic performance at relatively low levels in the listening area with almost no sound emanating from the rear of the enclosure making them less bothersome in other areas of the house. However they can produce enormous sound levels to emulate a live concert and when used outside they have such a coherent wavefront that they can cover a large area easily. When set-up properly they are virtually teenager proof, i.e. unpleasant sounds can be played at uncomfortable levels without destroying the drivers!


Power…………………nominal 100W ….actual requirement 20-30W
SPL …………………..95db/W/m
Impedance ………….16 ohm
Frequency range …..50hz to 20khz
Weight ……………… 60Kg
Depth ……………….. 710mm
Width ……………….. 930mm
Height……………….. 1320mm
Shipping weight……. 120Kg
Flight-case depth ….. 780mm
Flight-case width ….. 1000mmFlight-case height …. 1500mm
Finish …Aerospace supergloss ceramic lacquer in any RAL colour

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