Cherry Mono Digital Amplifier

Cherry digital

"The Cherry MONO has even better performance than a comparable stereo Cherry when driven only out of one channel. Aside from the usual benefit of running monoblocks, such as near perfect channel separation, you also get lower distortion, even lower noise (!), and higher power than the stereo version of the Cherry."

The sound that this surprisingly economical amplifier can deliver is truly eye (and ear) opening! The fast response gives you amazing imaging. Smooth mids and articulated highs reveal details in your favorite music that seemed to be missing before.

For the ultimate extension of Cherry MONO capabilities, check out our Cherry MONO ULTRA version. Benefits of the ULTRA version include:
· Increased transformer size from 750W to 1800W
· Double power supply capacitance for unparalleled low bass control
· WBT Gold binding posts
· Tweaked modulator for optimized high frequency resolution
· Extra Heavy Duty Output Filter for even lower output impedance

This amplifier is also a "green" product since it consumes less than 18W when "quiet" (idle). It consumes less than 4W in standby (using DC jack control).
Accessories Included

Included with the Cherry Mono is a heavy duty IEC line cord and a RCA-to-XLR adapter per amp purchased.

Features and Specifications:

Super Low Noise — 116dB SNR 0.050Ω Output Impedance (1kHz)
Super Low Distortion — 0.003% THD+N (1kHz), 0.006% IMD @ 10W 1Hz to 60kHz Frequency Response
"Deep Knee" THD curve — 0.008% THD+N at half power Remote Standby Control (via 2.5mm DC jack)
Wideband Purity — 0.008% THD+N (20Hz to 20kHz) @ 10W Bullet-Proof Protection — Thermal, Current, Auto-Recovery, etc.
High Power — 390W into 8Ω, 650W into 4Ω Quiet ON/OFF
750W Toroid Transformer 17.0" x 14.3" x 4.6" (w/faceplate)
14.6" x 13.9" x 4.5" ("faceless")
27.4dB Gain 36 lb
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