Esoteric P-1 D-1 SACD CD DAC

Esoteric all the way

Stand out expressiveness "36bitD / A processing" (patent pending)
Multiple combination 32bitDAC device, D1 adopt 36bitD / A processing algorithm that converts an analog signal PCM signal in high resolution 36bit. Taking advantage of gradation of high-bit data, you can make a faithful analog conversion. 32bit boasts a resolution of 256 times the 24bit but, 36bit high resolution phenomenal (4096 times the 24bit) the 16 times further. Through the finer bit gray scale, and kept to a minimum the calculation error, I am proud of the power of expression that stand out to delicate music signal.

Super Audio CD transport 

2,625,000 yen P1 suggested retail price Grandioso (tax 2,500,000 yen)
Late release in November 2013

36bit monaural D / A converter 

1,312,500 yen D1 suggested retail price Grandioso (tax 1,250,000 yen) / unit
Late release in November 2013


The state-of-the-art to enable broadband transmission "ES-LINK4"

Developed using an HDMI cable, to perform ultra-wideband digital transmission of 352.8kHz/48bit PCM or DSD,, state-of-the-art transmission format ES-LINK4 own. Is performed in the sending side the majority of the digital signal processing, ES-LINK4 has drastically reduced the load of the digital signal processing of the D / A converter.Ultra-wide band even more than, to specialize in D / A conversion process of the original D / A converter by "PureD / A" thought, I sought high-quality sound.

New dimension isorated clock technology

Clock circuit that provides an accurate reference clock to the digital circuit, the heart just for digital player.P1/D1 independent from other circuits completely power supply unit, to ground the clock circuit. I will supply the system clock pure. VCXO to be mounted (voltage controlled crystal oscillator), jointly developed with (NIHON DEMPA KOGYO) NDK crystal oscillator leading manufacturer in P1/D1 only. As a precision clock custom device suitable for the highest peak model, phase noise is very small, with a crystal piece even larger than before, to support the high-quality sound reproduction.

Precision Clock sync

To reduce the jitter by connecting a BNC cable and D1 P1, clock sync to (synchronized playback). In response to the PLL-free, direct master clock LINK ※ of ESOTERIC own which enables clock processing pure, and has won a clear sound quality and accurate sound localization unambiguous. In addition, in connection with the high-precision master clock rubidium G-01 (sold separately), can also advanced system up further. In addition to 22MHz, 10MHz master clock of, corresponding to clock sink of different frequencies to meet, such as word clock (44.1kHz/88.2kHz/176.4kHz), to your choice of sound quality.

※ system that is supplied to P1 to straight the reference clock = 22.5792MHz master clock of the digital audio output generated by the high-precision clock module of D1, is used as the clock of the digital output circuit without going through the PLL circuit of P1 inside. It corresponds to using a 10MHz clock supplied from the G-01 (sold separately), also direct 10MHz master clock LINK.

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