Kuzma Stabi S Stogi S 12" VTA addition to Mono & Stereo reference system

Kuzma + Mono & Stereo

Today I've just picked up the new reference addition to Mono & Stereo reference system directly at Kuzma LTD. Franc Kuzma kindly made everything prepared for this setup at his factory, so I basically just connected positioned the motor, attached the belt, mounted a platter and I was ready to go.

After I heard Kuzma Kuzma Stabi S Stogi S 12" VTA combination in my very good friend system about a month ago I simply couldn't forget the purity and natural impact of the performance. I heard Kuzma Stabi S before and liked it, but I didn't hear it with Stogi S 12" VTA. This combination impressed me so much with lifelike presentation, that I've couldn't hold myself back. It was a must to have it :).

Kuzma Stabi S Stogi S 12" VTA is a refined and legendary turntable. Like stated in many reviews during the year, its's for sure most understated analog product.  In current incarnation everything was address down to the smallest improvements and it shows. Dust black paint is flawless whole setup feels like a seamless design.

The golden brass version is timeless in appearance. Like solid wood with speakers, the clear coated and fine brushed brass creates an aura of elegancy and upper echelon pedigree like no other material.

I've only managed to take a spin a few songs, but the unmistaken feather like feeling of handling the music transients and straight forward nature of Kuzma musical impact is evident at once. It captivate your attention and emotions instantly. Back to analog heaven, as my friend says...

Stay tuned for full blown review in due time and first more in depth listening impression very soon.


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