Lipinski Sound goes self-powered

Three segment monitor

Lipinski Sound goes self-powered and upgradable for its 10th Anniversary. Lipinski Sound will celebrate its 10th anniversary with the unveiling of a new self-powered and upgradable loudspeaker system. The revised L-707A series of monitors are the latest development in a series of loudspeakers starting with their legendary L-707.

Lipinski’s modular speaker system will be shown with their newly developed L-700A Dual Power Amplifier and L-700B Power Amplifier so each section of this modular speaker system will be powered by its own individual class-A amplifier (meaning that their well-regarded Signature speaker system will now be driven by four amplifiers per channel) This is Lipinski's newest Class AAB, all-discrete, dual-power amplifier based on low-feedback patented circuitryLipinski Square™ OpAmps – this is unique in that, at no point does the audio signal pass through an integrated circuit, condenser, coil, or transformer.
  The low-order, low-feedback, Class A electronic crossover, High/Low gently calibrated EQ 60-160Hz EQ allows for the most common floor/ceiling resonance cancellation. Every effort has been made to ensure the highest fidelity possible, including special care to isolate the amplifier’s sensitive electronics from performance degrading cabinet resonance.

Also on display is the smaller more affordable but equally stunning Self-Powered True Reference monitor L-70 which is based on the same principles as it's larger relative.

The design team at Lipinski Sound considers reliability to be just as important as performance.

Lipinski sound implements military 'stress' technology to all their electronic products. Before equipment goes on the field it is frozen to -25°C and heated up to +55°C this process is repeated in a 4x cycle, to avoid malfunction in operation. This process was experimented with for many years, and the final process and exact temperatures range was only concluded very recently.
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