Neat Acoustics ships new Motive SX Series

Motive SX

The next generation of Motive speakers, the SX series, are now shipping. These new models maintain the essential appeal of the original Motive models but introduce significant improvements in all aspects of performance.

RMAF Denver October 11, 2013. The next generation of Motive speakers, the SX series, will be demonstrated for the first time in Atrium Room 422 of the Denver Marriott Tech Center Hotel. Most of the changes and improvements are hidden within the cabinets but one, the new SXT tweeter, is clearly visible.

The award-winning Motive range has been in production for eight years, winning friends and critical acclaim all around the world. The original designs have been steadily modified during this period, subtly improving performance and consistency. The Motive SX brings an extra layer of sophistication, without losing any of the original’s musical involvement and enjoyment.

The first and most obvious change from original to SX is to the tweeter. Neat has always believed that the tweeter is the most important ingredient in a multi-way loudspeaker, and the key to its overall integrity. A newly designed, aluminium dome that is black anodised for added stiffness has replaced the original titanium dome. The new SXT tweeter retains the fast, uncompressed quality of its predecessor, but now delivers a more natural and cleaner tonal balance.

The crossover has been revised using vastly superior Mundorf components, more akin to those used in Neat's more upmarket models. Simple three-element crossovers are mainly employed, a principle strongly favoured in Neat designs. The SXs will be single wired as standard. Bi-amp terminals are available as a chargeable option on order. Neat only suggests this option if the owner is intending to bi-amplify the speakers.

The internal bracing and damping have been upgraded and the LF tuning optimised for each model in order to achieve excellent bass extension and control from such modest enclosures. The HF units now operate in their own enclosures to minimise driver crosstalk.

The Motive SX series comprises three models: the SX1, a two and a half way floorstander; the SX2, a two-way floorstander and the SX3, a two-way stand mount. The bass reflex port on the two floorstanders is fitted to the bottom panel of the cabinet and is vented through an outlet in the stylishly sculpted MDF plinth. The plinth offers a stable platform for the speaker whilst providing a slight backward tilt to maintain the ideal angle for optimum performance.

The Motive SX loudspeakers are exceptionally easy to drive, with a benign impedance load and healthy sensitivity. They match well with entry-level partnering equipment but will clearly show the benefits of upgrades in the rest of the system.

Over the last eight years hi-fi performance has significantly improved, especially the performance of budget and mid-level systems. One of the more significant market changes is the change from CD Players to audio streamers.

Sonically speaking, one of the most obvious differences between equivalent priced CD players and good streamers is a sweetness to the sound in the higher registers - an almost vinyl like quality.

Bob Surgeoner, owner of Neat Acoustics was very keen to find a HF unit to replace that used in the Motive with something more natural sounding to maximise the overall system performance. Having tried many alternative tweeters and found them lacking in key areas – most often dynamics – Bob decided to try to improve the existing Neat inverted dome HF unit. Again, experimentation brought him to the anodised aluminium dome that combined the existing qualities of the titanium dome with a far better upper HF response.

The Motive SX series presents a series of attractive and room-friendly solutions, delivering musical performances of convincing authority, unfatiguing listening and a compelling musical experience overall.

A matching centre channel the Motive SXC will be available in black oak finish only.

The Motive SX will be available in four finishes:

American Walnut
Black Oak
Natural Oak
Satin White

Prices are as follows


Motive SX1: $2,995.00 per pair
Motive SX2: $2,395.00 per pair
Motive SX3: $1,795.00 per pair
Motive SXC: $1,195.00


Motive SX1: £1885.00 per pair
Motive SX2: £1395.00 per pair
Motive SX3: £1085.00 per pair
Motive SXC: £705.00

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About Neat Acoustics
It is no coincidence that the design team of Bob Surgeoner and Paul Ryder have had long and varied experience of working in the music industry. Bob is has played electric and acoustic guitar, double bass, piano etc., in many different musical genres - professionally and for pleasure - from the late 1960s until the present day. Paul is a guitarist/songwriter and is an experienced recording engineer.

Both are passionate about the experience of live music. Live music is the passion that drives the company's enthusiasm for recreating that experience with recorded music. Neat's aim is to transfer all of the drama and excitement of live music into the listener's home.

An unusual take on the art of loudspeaker design: it involves the process of listening to many different types of music and allowing the music to govern the tuning and voicing of the loudspeaker - to the exclusion of almost all other criteria. In a world where most hi-fi equipment is designed by computer in order to conform to a set of widely accepted parameters, Neat's approach is either refreshing or foolhardy... depending on whether or not you love music.

The development of a Neat loudspeaker invariably involves hundreds of hours of listening tests. The Neat listening room is the starting point, though a new design must prove its worth in a variety of different rooms and systems before it is signed off for production. Here the designers can be found making small incremental changes to all elements of the design until it is 'just right'.

Some loudspeaker manufacturers are quite content to choose off-the-shelf drive units for their designs, many of which can be readily obtained from DIY suppliers. The drive unitsused in Neat’s loudspeakers, however, are custom-made to their specifications.

Neat has its own recording studio, where reference recordings can be made. This facility allows a unique reference point for voicing Neat's loudspeakers.
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