IOS HD player

Get greater control of how your iTunes library sounds with our touch-adjustable linear-phase FIR equalizer, which offers more than 16,000 discrete bands of HD equalization and zero loss in audio quality. Name and save your own custom EQ presets or select optimized filters created by professional musicians. Upgrade to the HD Player Pack and take your 192 kHz hi-res albums on the road, with FLAC, WAV, and DSD playback enhanced for headphone use and fully supported on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

• High-precision equalizer (16,384 discrete bands, linear-phase FIR filter)
• Selectable HD equalizer mode (64-bit)
• Automatic upsampling function
• Crossfade playback option
• Selectable equalizer presets optimized by musicians for Onkyo headphones

Supported Formats
• MP3/ALAC/AAC files transferred via iTunes (except for DRM-protected files)
• With HD Player Pack upgrade: FLAC, DSF (after PCM conversion), DSD-IFF (after PCM conversion), WAV (48 kHz and over), AIFF (48 kHz and over), Ogg-Vorbis

Release Notes
• Audio formats such as FLAC and DSD are transferred to your device via the iTunes Apps menu
• Although not officially supported, 96 kHz and 192 kHz audio files can be output to a compatible USB digital audio processing device using a Camera Connection Kit for iPad
• Smooth playback may be compromised on older devices (iPhone4 and below) when in HD equalizer mode due to high processing demands
• When playing back DoP, the equalizer and cross fade will be disabled. Also the frequency response will not be displayed.


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