Pathos Acoustics Ethos and Frontiers Prime loudspeakers just arrived

Italian design DNA

Pathos Acoustics Ethos hybrid integrated amplifier with built in DAC and Pathos Acoustics top of the line Frontiers Prime loudspeakers just arrived today for test and review at Mono & Stereo. We all know Pathos Acoustics electronics, but their speakers might be less known to the wider public. I'll give a dedicated time to Frontiers Prime and reveal their characteristics and musical performance.

There are two distinctive Italian high-end audio companies, being around for quite a long time that you can recognise instantly. Sonus Faber and Pathos Acoustics. Pathos Acoustics unmistakably elegant design always evoke the passionate responses not only among audiophiles, but with anyone seeing them.

There is just something in the DNA of Italian design that relates to our internal urge for aesthetics and Pathos correlate with most of the people. Me including.

Stay tuned for first listening impressions and full review in due time. Thanks Enrico!

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