Pathos Acoustics Frontiers Prime loudspeakers

Prime time

Pathos Acoustics Frontiers Prime loudspeakers just got installed at Mono & Stereo. I know quite well Pathos Acoustics electronics, but have heard their speakers only at high-end shows. It was always to brief and in non ideal conditions to create an objective opinion.

Review version arrived in pearl white finish, that recalls some of the finest automobile colours. This is quite a distinctive speaker both in shape and design. It spots tweeter and midrange driver on the speaker upper back side. This extend the dispersion of the sound and prolong the impact of the front and side reflections.

I was surprised with the positioning of the speakers. Usually with this large sized floor standers, you'll have an instant problem if positioned close to the walls. Bass become pronounced and b

Sound is well controlled, focused and the unique shape seems to help with recreation of the large spaces even in close monitor positioning.

Pathos Acoustics Frontiers Prime loudspeakers are the hearth and soul of Mr. Zanini and they clearly show this. From what I could encounter so far the main aspect of Prime is musicality with extended and well controlled sound across whole frequency spectrum. They're soulful.

Stay tuned for more listening impressions and full review in due time.


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