Roboli Design Gold Amp A 100

Golden amp

"The implementation of conventional power amplifiers does not properly control the speakers or to assess the true potential of sound, even with good design and high grade components: from the moment the output signal must travel several meters through cables before reaching the speakers, the overall result is often poor! So there is a gap between theory and practice ... "

On the one hand this is due to losses caused by the cables as a result of their resistance and inductance and their capacitive effect: thus, after transmission of the musical signal to the speakers, it has suffered a decrease in amplitude, longer the speed of propagation and a reduction of dynamic bandwidth.

On the other hand, the device for correcting the linearity of the amplifier, called "cons reaction " may not properly correct the output signal as it has only sent information (that which enters the interconnect cable) and not the information transmitted (one present at the terminals of the speaker): hence, the harmonic distortion and intermodulation, produced by cable operators, are not corrected

In addition, the interconnect cable alters the damping factor of the amplifier: it is an important parameter that determines the ability of the latter to impose, at a given moment, the right position at the top of the membrane speaker. The settling time of the note to reproduce and timeout directly dependent damping factor of the amplifier must be as high as possible, especially if the membrane to be controlled is heavy: thus, music reproduced find the spontaneity that characterizes the music alive, without ghosting.

Finally, a connecting cable designed to transmit a power signal is driven by large current, which generates electromagnetic interference sources of pollution for the surrounding devices. The same phenomenon led the cable to capture the external disturbances such as an antenna to transmit to the amplifier and its correction device: it alters the signal to be amplified and produced high-frequency noise responsible for the degradation of SNR (signal to noise radio).

For the amplifier-speaker components pair can interact optimally, you must first remove the cables and speakers, use audiophile-grade components in a simple pattern, tested and reliable combined with a diet low noise and bandwidth.

It's "Pluz" offer (a series of two smaller units comprising a converter module-preamp and amplifier) which have to be inserted between the source and the speakers.

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