Son et Image at Multimedia show Ljubljana

Avalon & Spectral

Mario Dolinar from Croatian Son et Image presented full Spectral rig at Multimedia HI-FI Ljubljana 2013 high-end audio show with visual and aural standouts Avalon Isis speakers.

Avalon speakers and complete system evoked quite many different reactions over at show at in later discussions. I'll write more in depth in upcoming dedicated article about Avalon Isis loudspeakers, but for those who know how to destile a most important informations from the dedicated setup in the given circumstances could find an admirable presence of something different.

The ease, light feather feeling of emotional impact without a sense of purring energy in trying to smitten or concur  everything on its path was driven natural calm, dark and timbral correct presentation that strongly reminded me on Audio Tekne impression I've strongly imprinted into my reference.

Unlike many (or most) I felt contrary. This was of different league. It left me wondering why so many people failed to even recognised such strong anchors of upper echelon natural presentation of live acoustically recorded music. I guess it all comes down to our preferences and not so often clear references based on the real impressions.

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