The Akiko Audio Tuning Stick XLR

New tuning Sticks

The Tuning Stick comes in a variety of different models: the RCA, the AC and the Universal. Because of popular demand there is now an extra model, suited to plug into a free XLR input, with the wiring in the plug coming solely into contact with the grounding of the device. The contents of a Tuning Stick cause a cleansing of the grounding near your hifi equipment. Its purpose is a cleaner and more analogous sound. “The cleaner the ground, the clearer your sound!”

“We are pleasantly surprised by the incredible success of the Tuning Stick” says co-owner Marc van Berlo, who, together with his son Sander, is involved full time in the running of their Dutch company: Akiko Audio.

The Tuning Stick models that were introduced earlier this year were received remarkably well by audiophiles throughout the world. “It is striking that 90% of our orders come from Asia, Australia and America. Countries where real enthusiasts are serious about music rendering on a high level. It is time that we become known in more countries, so more people can become acquainted with our products.”

More information and prices can be found on Akiko Audio’s website:

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