Thomas Mayer Integrated Amplifier

Tubes only

Thomas Mayer often get complaints that his electronics are too big and consist of too many chassis. So he came up with this integrated amplifier. It is not only a full function amplifier with volume control and 3 line inputs, it also has a phono section on board with built in MC step up transformer.

This requires a lot of tubes. 10 Signal tubes in total. the phono stage is implemented with6SF5 and 6J5 triodes. The circuit is exactly the same as in the Octal Phono Preamplifier. The 6GL7 serves in the linestage which shares the same circuit with the Octal Line Preamplifier. Basically the preamp section is the same as in the Octal Preamplifier MK3. To make the amplifier complete a stereo version of the low cost 6CB5A amplifier was added.

Starting from the right: Phono MC inputs, Ground post and ground lift switch underneath. Next two switches for selecting the step up ratio of the build in MC transformer. Followed by 3 line inputs. The 5th pair of RCA jacks is a line out. The signal after the line stage section is routed to these so an additional amp can be connected or the component can be used as a preamp. The speaker jacks on the bottom and the power supply connector on the left.

The entire amplification chain for an analogue system in just two boxes. Five Amplification stages. All Octal tubes. No more complaints about size please ;-)

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