Walter Kircher High End Slovakia 2013 report

Slovakia High End

A look from a different perspective. Walter Kircher take on recent High End Slovakia 2013.

"Accustic Arts along with the new Slovakian dealer Hanzel Audio and Zalan Schuster Acoustics (responsible for acoustic treatment in the room) participated in the High End Slovakia 2013 show in Bratislava - 19. + 20.10.2013."

The great High End Slovakia fair held in Bratislava (only 40 minutes east of Vienna) took place in 2 luxury hotels in down-town. Fantastic weather outside was to blame for the failure to get the perfect sound in the big and empty hotel salon so the room was optimized by Zalan Schuster, a well-known expert in Slovakia and Czech Republic. He managed to get the best of the sound by placing different acoustic elements from GIK Acoustics (absorbers, diffusors, bass traps) on the walls. As a result the sound was outstanding on most of the spots, not only on the typical sweet one! Once the audio setup was completed the attached room acoustic elements followed - the positive effect was a 100% after. ;)

The big Elipson 4260 floor stand speakers (15" woofers!!) driven by the brand new Accustic Arts MONO II reference power amplifiers delivered outstanding power and very dynamic sound! Additionally the typical power in the midrangeof Accustic Arts electronics helped jazz, rock and classical singers to create a lifelike presence in the room.

The sound stage was enormous which made the room boundaries seem to disappear! This is of course thanks to the clever room acoustic tuning by Zalan...

So here is my big tip: You need Accustic Arts reference electronics (including the outstanding TUBE DAC II MK2, my personal reference da-converter, suitable Accustic Arts cables, good speakers, an acoustically comfortable room and theworld class sound's guaranteed! ;)

As premiere in Bratislava we used the new asynchronous USB input for the Accustic Arts TUBE DAC II MK2supplemented by a custom programmed Accustic Arts USB driver. I would suggest the upgrade to all owners of the TUBE DAC II MK2 if playing high-res files from computer! This ensures superior sound, and if you choose different inputs on the DAC you will recognise that your computer will stay attached as a sound card – great stuff!

At the show I as usual had my small Sony Vaio Z laptop with a 256GB SSD inside and an additionally installed 1TB hard disc instead of its blue-ray drive. ;) Unfortunately nowadays laptops do not have an option to change a drive with a second big hard disc to have more music on the road...

At the end of the High End Slovakia 2013 fair the new Accustic Arts dealer Milan Hanzel (right) proudly presents theshow award for excellent sound!

And few more photos to catch the vibe:

Photos and text by Walter Kircher

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