Audio Solutions Vantage new speakers


"Vantage speakers will be our top Hi-End speakers in the range. The first blueprint was made in 2011.11.15; Since then we tried to create ultimate speaker where design, drivers, crossover components, speaker materials meets highest standards in market. Main task was to made ultimate speaker for very competitive price. We proudly present for You Vantage prototype."

There is much to do ahead, but our team should finish prototype till new year, and production of series model should start in late spring after many prototype tests and fine-tuning. Speaker will be equiped with top Scan-speak revelator sliced-cone 18cm bass drivers, 26cm aluminium woofer and top silk dome tweeter with superb flat responce. For mid driver we will be using Sb-Acoustics Satori driver. Sb-Acoustics did really great job with this particular driver, which acts as superb mid-bass driver with very flat responce in extremely wide range. In computer analysis we got flawless speaker parameters and response. Woofer cover range up to 50Hz, then bass drivers takes range from 50Hz to 250Hz, very wide range from 250Hz to 8000Hz will be covered by Satori driver, and 8000Hz-30000Hz by Scan's Illuminator soft dome. These points may change a little bit after fine-tuning, but main picture will be the same. As You may notice, we always trying to "push" mid-driver performance to widest range possible, and there is very good reason for that. All musical instruments is placed in mid-bass region, just few of them reaches higher or lower frequencies, so allowing this important range to be played just by one driver we get "unsliced" sound recreated by one driver without fast phase shifts, and overall highly natural sound. Stay tuned for further news.

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